I tried to categorize this story and decided on the Definitely Different Category.  It is paranormal, and has some romance, mystery, and horror elements, but they are put together in a unique way that I have not seen before.  I have read 600+ page novels that didn’t have one-tenth as much storyline as Love and World Eaters.   I was very impressed by the author’s concise and thorough presentation.

While photographing objects at the Chicago Field Museum, Aliah gets a splinter.  The splinter has an agenda.  It gives Aliah the ability to “see” the past experiences of an object when she touches it.  Aliah begins to piece together the history of the bead from which her splinter came, and finds herself researching a major historical mystery.  

Don’t let the word “history” scare you.  This story is very interesting and will grab your attention.  I promise you won’t be bored one little bit.


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A Chicago Field Museum assistant is suddenly forced to experience the past of every artifact she touches. This unasked for ability quickly entangles her in one of the greatest Who Dunnits? of all time: the murder of Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father.
A paranormal mystery

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  1. Teresa Gabelman says:

    Sound like a great book. Will definitely be checking this one out!

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