Fate and Fangs: A Tale of the Vampire Family is a series consisting of the following stories.

Love: Ann and the Viking
Punishment: Lilith’s Trials
Struggle: Elizabeth in America
Debauchery: Victoria’s Burning
Lust: James at the Sundowner
Humanity: A Letter From Gaston
Resurrection: Stephanie After the Lilithan

This is a series of very short stories  that chronicle a family of vampires . It is done from the perspective of ancient manuscripts that were documented by  occult  scholar, Professor A.  James, that were found damaged by fire in the year 1975. The only exceptions are the last two stories, and they take place in 2009 and 2010.

I haven’t read a lot of stories in this form, and I find that it more or less reads like a diary page.  All of these stories are short, the longest one being about twenty-five pages.  There were definitely some stories that I liked more than others, but  all of them were well written, and I was surprised by the amount of detail in such a small span of  pages.

Although the characters were interesting, the stories were so short that I didn’t feel that I had enough time to really connect with them.  I would love to see them written in a way that follows each character through their lives rather than just giving us an account of one single event. However, at the end of each book there is a vampire family tree of sorts that give details about each of the vampires that I found very helpful.

I really enjoyed Battestella’s take on vampires in these highly inventive short stories and I would absolutely read the author’s other works.


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Love: Ann and the Vilking
The Vampire Family has a long and torrid past, present, and future. In FATE and FANGS, the family’s Occult scholar Professor A. James shares vampire vignettes of love, punishment, struggle, debauchery, lust, humanity, and resurrection. In this medieval tale, scorned vampire mistress Ann leaves vampire family patriarch Antonio behind, travels across Britain, and encounters a wayward Viking named Eric. Will Ann accept her true vampiric nature and turn her Nordic lover into a vampire?

Punishment: Lilith’s Trials
In Professor James’ second tale, we share in the pain, suffering, and torment of the Welshire Vampire Family’s beautiful but deadly rival Lilith. Her mysterious, vile nature and fantastical abuses are put on trial as the demonic advocate …

Struggle: Elizabeth in America
Seeking solace and solitude from her unhappy home life as the unloved wife of Antonio, Elizabeth travels to colonial America in Professor James’ third account. On the outskirts of the white man’s civilization, Elizabeth meets Rain, a young Kiowa warrior on a vision quest. Will his lack of fear, search for answers, and gripping hothouse experience help her face those very vampire truths she sought to escape?

Debauchery: Victoria’s Burning
In Professor Welshire’s fourth Fate and Fangs chronicle, Victoria uses the fallout from the American Civil War to her advantage-or so the beautiful but deadly blockade-runner hopes. After all her using, abusing, and feedings, Victoria’s slaves finally take matters into their own hands, forcing Antonio’s daughter to face her own mortality.

Lust: James at the Sundowner
The Sundowner offers steamy Welshire vampires Jessica, Pamela, and Slava for underground vampire sex and biting fetishes in this mid-century tale from Professor James. Victoria’s twin brother James, however, is content with his gig as piano player at the club owned by their brother Stephen. James’ own love Catrina is the alluring singer at The Sundowner, but can he keep his longtime vampire companion away from the tempting, exciting young clientele?

Humanity: A Letter From Gaston
Welshire brother Gaston is trying to move on with his life now that the Vampire Family is human again for Professor James’ sixth chronicle. Unfortunately, Gaston’s sister Victoria cannot cope with the change and turns to her former fledgling Caine for unfulfilling excess and access. Should their pregnant sister Samantha risk the journey to London- and the lives of her unborn children- to save what’s left of The Vampire Family?

Resurrection: Stephanie After Lilithan
In Professor James’ final tale, former Lilithan vampire and newly divorced scientist Stephanie just can’t get over how much she misses being a vampire. After a harrowing car accident during a frightful storm, Stephanie meets Mestiphles, the giver and taker of vampire power on both sides of the coven wars. His charm and seductive powers sweeten the demonic offer he extends, but will Stephanie accept Mestiphles’ dark opportunities?

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