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June 1st
 His Dark Embrace
Amanda Ashley
Blue Blooded Vamp: Sabina Kane #5
Jaye Wells
Blackout: Newsflesh Trilogy #3
Mira Grant

 Angels of the Night: Divinity (Angels of the Night, #2)

Divinity: Angels of the Night #2
Paula Kennedy

Dark Awakening

Dark Awakening: Cursed in Darkness #3
Natalie Hancock
June 5th
 Mine to Hold: Wicked Lovers #6
Shayla Black
Kiss of the Dead: Anita Blake #21
Laurell K. Hamilton
 Undead and Unstable: Queen Betsy #11
MaryJanice Davidson
Hex Appeal: Anthology
P.N. Elrod, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Carole Nelson Douglas, Simon R. Green, Lori Handeland, Erica Hayes, Carrier Vaughn
 Tempest Unleashed: Tempest #2
Tracy Deebs
Shadow and Bone: Grisha Trilogy #1
Leigh Bardugo
Fury of Ice: Dragonfury #2
Coreene Callahan
Blazing the Trail: Dragon Diaries #3
Deborah Cooke
Surrender: Possession #2
Elana Johnson
Accidentally Dead Again: Accidentals #6
Dakota Cassidy
Mirage: Winterhaven #2
Kristi Cook
 Chaos Burning: Bound by Magick #2
Lauren Dane
V, W, FE
Blood of Innocence: Sloan Skye #2
Tami Dane
 All That Falls: Etherlin #2
Kimberly Frost
Arise: Hereafter #2
Tara Hudson
 Visions of Chains: The Awakening #3
Regan Hastings
Rhiannon Held
Chase Me: Underbelly Chronicles
Tamara Hogan
Messenger’s Angel: Lost Angel #2
Heather Killough-Walden
Vengeance Moon: Earth Witches #2
Lee Roland
 Blood Kin: Half-Light City #2
M.J. Scott


June 12th-19th
Serpent’s Kiss: Beauchamp Family #2
Melissa de la Cruz
The Taken: Celestial Blues #1
Vicki Pettersson
Lies Beneath: Lies Beneath #1
Anne Greenwood Brown
Rapture: Fallen #4
Lauren Kate
 Timepiece: Hourglass #2
Myra McEntire
The Golden Lily: Bloodlines #2
Richelle Mead
Blood Moon: Drake Chronicles #5
Alyxandra Harvey
Burn Mark
Laurel Powell
Wicked Business: Lizzy and Diesel
Janet Evanovich


June 26th
Once Burned: Night Prince #1
Jeaniene Frost
Wicked Nights: Angels of the Dark #1
Gena Showalter
Darkness Devours: Dark Angels #3
Keri Arthur
Midnight’s Lover
Dark Warriors #2
Donna Grant
Before I Wake: Soul Screamers #6
Rachel Vincent
Tempest’s Fury: Jane True #5
Nicole Peeler
When Darkness Hungers: Shadow Keeper #5
J.K. Beck
 Tarnished: St Croix Chronicles #1
Karina Cooper
Secret of the Wolf: Warriors of the Rift #2
Cynthia Garner
Sh, V, DE
 Chasing Magic: Downside Ghosts #5
Stacia Kane
BlackHearted Betrayal: Shades of Fury #3
Kasey MacKenzie
Changeling: MetaWars #3
Kelly Meding
 Bound: Torn Trilogy #3
Erica O’Rourke
A Want So Wicked: A Need So Beautiful #2
Suzanne Young
Dust Girl: American Fairy Trilogy #1
Sarah Zettel
Ya, FE, H

When I was first asked to review the first book (Bannockburn Binding) in the Beloved Bloody Time series, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not usually a fan of SciFi books, no matter how hot they are. Vampires, time travel, space stations, psi, all in the 23rd century…That just spelled disaster in my mind. Oh was I wrong! So very wrong! I ended up loving the book, so when asked if I would review the second book in the series, Byzantine Heartbreak, I jumped at the chance and was rewarded with one of the best stories I’ve read this year. The world that Cooper-Posey has built in this series is so dynamic that you forget you’re reading about the future and you’re simply drawn into the time, space, and characters’ minds. The emotional draw to the characters is amazing and it’s impossible to not wonder/worry about them even after you’re finished reading. Thankfully, we get a look at many of the characters from the first book as well.

In the first book we met vampires, Ryan and Nayara, leaders of the Agency, and Cael, a member of the Worlds Assembly. Ryan and Nayara are the most powerful vampires anyone knows. No one, even the other vampires, know exactly how old they are or what all their powers are. In Byzantine Heartbreak we learn their history and why, even with all the tension between them, they are inseparable. There is something between them but no ones knows exactly what. Their history is a painful one and after 200 years it’s still not something they can get past. When Cael, a human no less, comes into the picture it’s hard to tell if he will be the key to bringing them together or the final straw that pushes them apart. While Ryan, Nayara, and Cael deal with their relationships, they are also facing the crazy Gabriel and the Psi-Filers and what they have in store for the vampires and humans alike. The ending of the book is one of the biggest cliffhangers I’ve read and I cannot wait for the next book!

As with many of Tracy Cooper-Posey’s books, there are a lot of smoking hot scenes, menages, M/M action, all beautifully written. I don’t feel that any review can truly cover everything this series has to offer or explain the depth to the world and characters. I highly suggest visiting Tracy’s site to read the overview and facts about the world of Beloved Bloody Time.

Click here for the review I wrote for Bannockburn Binding



Can they love again?  Is it too late?

Nayara Ybarra and Ryan Deasmhumhain are the most powerful vampires known to humans in the 23rd century. They lead the Chronometric Preservation Agency, welded together yet divided by grief that won’t heal, their lives on hold. Vampires have lived apart from humans in the two hundred years since Nayara and Ryan jumped back in time and killed their lover, Salathiel, to halt the time wave that was destroying humanity and vampires.   Now, Càel Stelios, Worlds Assembly member, intends to make humans like vampires any way he can. He knows the vampires must become allies.  Their unique strengths and abilities will help humans in the coming battle against the raging psi and their psychotic leader, Gabriel.  

While he wages his political and social campaign he hides his true ambitions: to win Nayara and Ryan for himself.  But despite being politically powerful, rich, smart and sexually potent, Stelios has an overwhelming disadvantage:  He’s human.”No” is not a word he accepts without a fight, however.  The psi-filers and Gabriel have plans, though, that will make fighting very real and bloody indeed…

WARNING:  This book contains two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language.
It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, menage scenes, and anal sex.
Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

This is Book 2 in the Beloved Blood Time series.
Book 1: Bannockburn Binding
Book 2: Byzantine Heartbreak
…and more to come!

Veil of Seduction is the second book in the Ambrose Heights series and what a follow up it was! Veil of Seductions follows the leader of the Ambrose Heights Vampires, Steffan Matthews, who captured my attention in the first book, Flesh Fantasy, so I was very excited to read this story. All the favorite characters from Flesh Fantasy are back and as funny as ever. Veil of Seduction was much more emotionally charged than Flesh Fantasy but the heat was still there. There were many twists and turns that kept the story anything but predictable and kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen. You know you’re reading a good author when your emotions take a roller coaster ride and you feel the butterflies in your stomach, the anger, and the heartbreak alongside the characters. In typical DeLeina fashion, the descriptive nature of her writing gives the reader the perfect vision of the world she has built. It’s so easy to picture her characters and where they live. The Ambrose Heights series has quickly made it to my list of favorites. I can’t wait to see who’s book is next and what DeLeina has planned for her Ambrose Heights vampires.

Read the review I did for Flesh Fantasy here.



A newborn vampire. A powerful leader. An inconsolable woman. The shaping of their eternity all lies within the eyes. Steffan Matthews is the devastatingly handsome vampire leader of Ambrose Heights. He cultivates social order and invents concoctions that allow vampires to feel human once again. But Steffan also has a devouring obsession that brings him to his knees. Her name is Anya. Steffan sets out to claim Anya, a mortal ripe for the taking, as his mate. But the blackness in the eyes of his newborn should’ve served as a warning. Anya is off-limits according to the vampire creed. It will take the strength of the kinship, the purity of love, a hint of magic, and a subterranean guardian to shield Steffan against the wrath of Ryan Evans, protect him from the fate of the Nemesis, and bridge a passage to his rightful destiny.

I tried to categorize this story and decided on the Definitely Different Category.  It is paranormal, and has some romance, mystery, and horror elements, but they are put together in a unique way that I have not seen before.  I have read 600+ page novels that didn’t have one-tenth as much storyline as Love and World Eaters.   I was very impressed by the author’s concise and thorough presentation.

While photographing objects at the Chicago Field Museum, Aliah gets a splinter.  The splinter has an agenda.  It gives Aliah the ability to “see” the past experiences of an object when she touches it.  Aliah begins to piece together the history of the bead from which her splinter came, and finds herself researching a major historical mystery.  

Don’t let the word “history” scare you.  This story is very interesting and will grab your attention.  I promise you won’t be bored one little bit.



A Chicago Field Museum assistant is suddenly forced to experience the past of every artifact she touches. This unasked for ability quickly entangles her in one of the greatest Who Dunnits? of all time: the murder of Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father.
A paranormal mystery

I was so excited to receive my copy of the 6th issue of Vampire Free Style.  If you  haven’t been following this pnr comic series, you are missing out.    The series is available at  My review of issues 1-5 is available on that website as well as this one.

Issue #6 is a voyage of discovery.  Micia, the cat, awakens to find herself the prisoner of vampires.  The answers to the mysteries of previous issues are revealed.  The story is extremely romantic, yet avoids being mushy or corny.   We learn how Elea became a cat, how Edward lost his memories, and the history of his doomed romance.   We also learn Auntie Margherita’s secrets.  This is not the final issue, however.   There is still more story to tell in a future issue.  (YEA!)

I just love the gothic romance of this series.  The story line is delightful and won’t disappoint and neither will the quirky characters and charming artwork.  The concept is really cool and the books are very high quality.   This is a series to be enjoyed by all fans of paranormal or gothic romance.

Love Bite is book one of the Just One Bite Series and the first book written by Kay Glass.  Love Bite is the story of Diandra Malone and her life as a newly turned vampire. This book wasn’t at all what I expected.  

The novel was well written and I was hooked right away.  The author’s characters seemed very real to me, and she did a wonderful job of giving us complete insight into them.  My heart went out to Diandra’s character.  In the first pages of the book she appears to be a completely average woman who is happily married. That is, until she loses her husband in a violent attack and becomes a widow. Diandra befriends a woman named Lisbeth  Snyder, who is the woman who found her husband’s body and ultimately changes Diandra’s life as she knows it.  Another notable character in the story is Eamon.  He is the vampire sent by the council to show Diandra the ropes and fill her in on the rules. I really like his personality because there appears to be a subtle humor and lightness to him, but you get the impression he has a darker side too. I really hope to see him have a prominent spot in future books and the chance to learn more about him.

Glass gives us a little of everything in her first novel.  There is the paranormal element, some mystery, and romance.  It is apparent  a lot of thought and imagination went into this novel, and although the book isn’t long, the storyline isn’t lacking.  The book ended in such a way that you are aware the story will continue, but the ending wasn’t abrupt. The story still felt complete and at the same time left you with the curiosity to continue to the next book.



Diandra Malone is 28 years old, pregnant, and newly widowed. Lizbeth Snyder is a former cop with a chip on her shoulder. Against all odds they fall in love and life is good… Until the bite. Now Diandra is a vampire, and a new mom to boot! Together she and Lizbeth will uncover a secret Diandra’s husband never wanted revealed, raise a very special baby, and come to grips with a life that changed with just one bite.

Eternal Darkness is the first book in the Cursed in Darkness  series.  The book centers around Layla, a half-breed vampire called a Dhampir.  She resides at the vampire academy to train and come to grips with her past. She meets and is attracted to sexy vampire, Shade her one-on-one trainer.
The characters in the book are really interesting.   Layla is very complex, and a certain amount of mystery surrounds her.  Layla and Shade have an undeniable and electric attraction, and they are hot together.  The book hints that more will be revealed about the nature of this attraction, but we will have to wait.  Aside from Layla and Shade, there is Layla’s guardian, Nikalye, who I found to be very intriguing. He is also a Dhampir with powers to see the past, present and future.  I would hope to see his character evolve more in future books.
Hancock was very descriptive in her writing, painting a picture of the setting and also providing well developed characters.  Although we learn a lot about them, the author doesn’t give everything away at once. We know there is much more to learn and that knowledge will continue to come in future installments.

The book is written in first person, and because of this the flow and the wording of the story was a little rough and this made some parts a little slow for me.  On the other hand, when the story picked up, I was on board and totally engrossed.  The last few pages really had me, and I was really into it only to encounter the cliffhanger!
After the cliffhanger ending I am curious to see where this story goes and luckily I don’t have to wait! The second book of the series titled Dark Shadows was released April 1st, 2012.



Layla, a twenty-one-year-old half-breed known as a dhampir, is incredibly beautiful and deadly. She drinks vampire blood for power and to stop the burning hunger.
The vampire academy is a hundred acres of land surrounded by high tech security to ensure that none enter or leave. She is the protection.
When she has lessons with the vampires, she struggles with her hunger and has to learn to trust them—a big issue for Layla because of her past, something she can neither forget nor run from. The past that haunts her dreams reminds her that she cannot hide as she lives her life in the academy.
Then there is Shade—an impossibly handsome vampire and Layla’s one-on-one instructor. Desires she never knew rise whenever he looks at her. She cannot stop how her body reacts to his touch or how much she wants his body and his blood.
It is a forbidden lust that they share, one they must keep a secret from those around them or Layla risks everyone finding out who she really is.
Someone wants her dead. Layla’s goals, deal with the vampires who hate dhampir’s and keep herself alive. Can she do it?

Vampire Cursed is the first  of the Vampire Destined series books. I fully enjoyed the story of Nathaniel, Duke of Lehr, and his destiny, Abby. Although the story was incredibly short, all of 35 pages, the author jumped right into the thick of plot from the very beginning. The main characters, Nathaniel, a 300 year old vampire cursed to remain in his castle, and Abby, a reporter drawn to Castle Lehr, were a good match in the story and I liked them immediately. As with any novella of this size, there was a lack of build up that kept me from getting really attached to the characters. There were also a few areas where it felt like I had missed a conversation somewhere since Abby knew information about Nathaniel’s curse that wasn’t actually stated prior to her talking about it. That being said, anyone who has ever read a novella is used to filling in the blanks with minor things like that. The ending gives me the HEA that I love so much, but it didn’t leave me feeling like the story was over. I feel there is so much more to tell in this series and I hope to hear more about how Nathaniel and Abby’s relationship ends up.
With two additional books planned in the Vampire Destined series, I can only hope that the next two will be much longer as the potential for this series is huge.

This was the first book I’ve read by Rachel Carrington, but I have added several of her other books to my list now. If you are looking for a fast, satisfying read that gives just enough heat and a small taste of the fairy tale HEA then this story is perfect for you.


From Amazon
Vampire Cursed
Book I

Cursed to live alone. Existing as cold, soulless vampire. His life is no longer his own.

Nathaniel, Duke of Lehr, has been waiting for someone to love, a woman to break the witch’s curse that holds him captive within the walls of his own home. For only unfettered, unconditional love will sever the ties binding him to a reality he abhors.

Abby’s been drawn to Castle Lehr for a long time. She wants an interview with the elusive owner, a chance for a big break in journalism. But the story isn’t one she can write about in the newspaper.

One moment, one connection, is all it takes for Nathaniel to realize his heart will be forever bound to Abby’s, but could she ever trust a vampire much less love one?

Fate and Fangs: A Tale of the Vampire Family is a series consisting of the following stories.

Love: Ann and the Viking
Punishment: Lilith’s Trials
Struggle: Elizabeth in America
Debauchery: Victoria’s Burning
Lust: James at the Sundowner
Humanity: A Letter From Gaston
Resurrection: Stephanie After the Lilithan

This is a series of very short stories  that chronicle a family of vampires . It is done from the perspective of ancient manuscripts that were documented by  occult  scholar, Professor A.  James, that were found damaged by fire in the year 1975. The only exceptions are the last two stories, and they take place in 2009 and 2010.

I haven’t read a lot of stories in this form, and I find that it more or less reads like a diary page.  All of these stories are short, the longest one being about twenty-five pages.  There were definitely some stories that I liked more than others, but  all of them were well written, and I was surprised by the amount of detail in such a small span of  pages.

Although the characters were interesting, the stories were so short that I didn’t feel that I had enough time to really connect with them.  I would love to see them written in a way that follows each character through their lives rather than just giving us an account of one single event. However, at the end of each book there is a vampire family tree of sorts that give details about each of the vampires that I found very helpful.

I really enjoyed Battestella’s take on vampires in these highly inventive short stories and I would absolutely read the author’s other works.



Love: Ann and the Vilking
The Vampire Family has a long and torrid past, present, and future. In FATE and FANGS, the family’s Occult scholar Professor A. James shares vampire vignettes of love, punishment, struggle, debauchery, lust, humanity, and resurrection. In this medieval tale, scorned vampire mistress Ann leaves vampire family patriarch Antonio behind, travels across Britain, and encounters a wayward Viking named Eric. Will Ann accept her true vampiric nature and turn her Nordic lover into a vampire?

Punishment: Lilith’s Trials
In Professor James’ second tale, we share in the pain, suffering, and torment of the Welshire Vampire Family’s beautiful but deadly rival Lilith. Her mysterious, vile nature and fantastical abuses are put on trial as the demonic advocate …

Struggle: Elizabeth in America
Seeking solace and solitude from her unhappy home life as the unloved wife of Antonio, Elizabeth travels to colonial America in Professor James’ third account. On the outskirts of the white man’s civilization, Elizabeth meets Rain, a young Kiowa warrior on a vision quest. Will his lack of fear, search for answers, and gripping hothouse experience help her face those very vampire truths she sought to escape?

Debauchery: Victoria’s Burning
In Professor Welshire’s fourth Fate and Fangs chronicle, Victoria uses the fallout from the American Civil War to her advantage-or so the beautiful but deadly blockade-runner hopes. After all her using, abusing, and feedings, Victoria’s slaves finally take matters into their own hands, forcing Antonio’s daughter to face her own mortality.

Lust: James at the Sundowner
The Sundowner offers steamy Welshire vampires Jessica, Pamela, and Slava for underground vampire sex and biting fetishes in this mid-century tale from Professor James. Victoria’s twin brother James, however, is content with his gig as piano player at the club owned by their brother Stephen. James’ own love Catrina is the alluring singer at The Sundowner, but can he keep his longtime vampire companion away from the tempting, exciting young clientele?

Humanity: A Letter From Gaston
Welshire brother Gaston is trying to move on with his life now that the Vampire Family is human again for Professor James’ sixth chronicle. Unfortunately, Gaston’s sister Victoria cannot cope with the change and turns to her former fledgling Caine for unfulfilling excess and access. Should their pregnant sister Samantha risk the journey to London- and the lives of her unborn children- to save what’s left of The Vampire Family?

Resurrection: Stephanie After Lilithan
In Professor James’ final tale, former Lilithan vampire and newly divorced scientist Stephanie just can’t get over how much she misses being a vampire. After a harrowing car accident during a frightful storm, Stephanie meets Mestiphles, the giver and taker of vampire power on both sides of the coven wars. His charm and seductive powers sweeten the demonic offer he extends, but will Stephanie accept Mestiphles’ dark opportunities?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce our featured author, Kristin Battestella. Kristin has stopped by and answered some questions for us and is offering one lucky winner their choice of one ebook from her Vampire Family Chronicles: Fate and Fangs series.


Click here to stop in and say hello, ask a question, or comment on the interview and you are entered to win.

Winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, May 18th.

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