The Legend of Michelle Sands is the first installment of  The Indian Rock Vampire series.  I have to say, first, that I applaud Harwell for originality, because this story strays far from the usual take on vampires.

I did, however, have a couple of issues with the book.  First, the dialogue between the characters was stiff and fell flat.  Second was editing mistakes; there were quite a few errors that were distracting.

I appreciated the characters themselves.  There were not many distinctly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ characters.  The ones who were seemingly bad still had good qualities and the opposite also held true.  Take the main character, Michelle, for example.  She seems like a well-mannered fourteen-year-old girl, yet she definitely harbors some darkness.  I really like that the characters in this book are not one-dimensional.

The story had an interesting setting, based in an actual place in Oklahoma.  The time period is unique as well.  I myself have not read a paranormal novel that takes place in the 1950’s.  Although the book started out slow for me, it did eventually build. I am curious to see the direction these books take.



In the spring of 1958, Michelle Sands has everything going for her. The pretty Howe, Oklahoma High School freshman is a cheerleader, straight A student, and minds her parents. Like most teens, Michelle has a few secrets too, the biggest being strange dreams about her favorite place called Indian Rock, a local landmark with ten strange symbols carved into it.Just weeks from her fifteenth birthday, Michelle has caught the eye of a seventeen year old star baseball player named Ronnie from the neighboring town of Poteau. When Ronnie calls to ask her out, Michelle doesn’t want to miss the chance to see him and finds a way to bend the rule her folks have on no dating until she’s sixteen. Inviting Ronnie to Sunday night youth group, Michelle intends to skip out on church and take Ronnie for an adventure at Indian Rock.Ronnie is easily convinced and their youthful passion at Indian Rock awakens the spirit of the ancient Viking Vampire Glome, banished to the site hundreds of years ago. Finally understanding her strange dreams, Michelle inherits Glome’s power and begins using it to change her life, the lives of friends and family, as well as the economic and political power structure of southeastern Oklahoma, and eventually the world. This is the beginning of the legend of Michelle Sands, The Indian Rock Vampire.

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