The Guardians of the Gate: Book One The Gate of Lake Forest is the first installment in Blackwelder’s YA Elf Romance series. What drew me in first about this book was that it was a romance told from a male’s perspective. Michael is such a likeable and REAL character that you almost seem to know him; as if he’s a neighbor, or a boy you grew up with. Evelyn’s emotions are so poignant and strong that you can’t help but to be drawn in by her. Evelyn is the new girl at school, different and so, a hot commodity. Michael finally gets up the gumption to ask her out and she agrees, after avoiding everyone. Blackwelder uses poetry to help the two young lovers express their feelings for each other, which reminded me of In Dreams Begin where poetry played a central role to the book.

By the time Michael is in love so are you, with Ami Blackwelder’s tale of two lovers that may, or may not be able to be together.  Their struggles and turmoils, happiness, and tears make this book nearly impossible to put down. I immediately bought the second installment. The lore and world that Blackwelder has woven is fetching and catching. You too will be caught in the web of her words.



When a human and an elfin fall in love, what happens in forbidden romance?
Within the small town of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, there exists a quiet forest where a world undiscovered awaits. When soccer player, Michael Cole, of high school Green Mountain Falls sees the new girl Evelyn, coy yet intoxicating, walk into his senior English class he is forever changed.

His passion for her takes him deep into her heart and deep into her mystical world. Will their forbidden love be able to sustain them as their separate worlds collide, taking Evelyn and Michael on a magical journey into adventurous and perilous realms where dangerous creatures are determined to defeat them?
High school will never be the same…

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