Author Scott Prussing continues to enthrall us with his second installment in the Blue Fire Saga, Deathless. We find Leesa not only dealing with normal college stresses, but her first long separation from her boyfriend Rave. Due to Destiratu and the solstice she and Rave cannot practice kissing anymore. What could be worse for a girl that can only kiss her boyfriend with supervision as it is? A man calls her cell phone out of nowhere claiming to be her real father. She drops phone accidentally & decides to change her number.  Leesa suddenly starts having odd scary dreams, then finds out that they are actual happenings. While left without Rave’s protection, another threat looms in Leesa’s life…Will it come to pass? Prussing weaves a magical world with new creatures and events; you will be caught in its quilt, unable to extract yourself. Deathless was an amazing read from start to finish. It leaves you guessing, rooting for the protagonists, and always wondering, what is around the corner?



Deathless is book two in The Blue Fire Saga, a paranormal romance series filled with passion, suspense and supernatural danger. Summary:
After rescuing her brother from the caverns of a vampire coven and helping to cure her mother of a vampire bite, Leesa Nyland hopes she’s done dealing with all things supernatural. All she wants to do now is enjoy college life—and to figure out how to kiss her vampire hunter boyfriend without his magical fire burning her to a crisp. She doesn’t think that’s too much to ask.

So she’s not too happy when she begins dreaming of rotting bodies emerging from their graves, and she likes it even less when the terrifying dreams begin to come true. When objects around her start moving seemingly on their own accord, she figures that’s more than enough. It’s a good thing she doesn’t know about the powerful vampire who has sworn vengeance against her…

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