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Review: Winning the Highlander’s Heart

[1]I chose Winning the Highlander’s Heart [1] as a prize in a generous give-away Terry Spear offered on VampireRomanceBooks.com, because it was something new to me; I have read a few of Ms. Spears’ Wolf books, and figured she would do just as well with a sexy Highlander.  I was not disappointed!

The heroine of the story, Lady Anice, is a strong-minded woman, and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, which is quite unusual during the time of King Henry I (1068-1135).  A Scottish lass, determined to find a Scottish Laird for her husband, stumbles upon Malcom, a Scottish Highlander bent on finding an English bride.  Neither one hides their intentions, making for some great banter between them.  I found myself chuckling out loud several times, enjoying their quick-witted insults.

Malcom MacNeill is the quintessential Highlander: brawny, tanned, strong and hard-headed.  He’s quite noble, and Ms. Spear makes us fall in love with him the first time we meet him.  He assists Lady Anice as she dangles from a bed sheet she’s used as a rope to escape her room and unwanted attentions from the King.  While “saving” her, he strokes her naked thigh, stealing a touch as he lowers her on to his horse.  Steam keeps building from there, for both of them, adding anticipation to the excitement of their adventure of returning to the Lady’s castle.

The story has some nice twists, and I was never bored.  Clever actions, a few good fights, and some steamy encounters are Terry’s M.O., and she doesn’t let us down with her Highlanders.  I highly recommend Ms. Spear’s Highlander series—hot men in kilts and swords!


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Determined to avoid King Henry I’s randy advances, Lady Anice of Brecken attempts escape, wishing to find a Highlander to escort her home to her castle in Glen Affric where she will rule until she can find a laird worthy of her hand.  Laird Malcolm MacNeill desires an English bride to improve his standing with those in power. But rescuing the Scottish lass from an escape attempt casts him into deadly political intrigue when the king sends Malcolm and his brothers to escort the lady home and investigate the disappearance of some of her staff. Now he must protect the king’s ward without losing his heart to the willful lass, or he could very well earn His Majesty’s wrath…and lose far more.