Dark Temptations is the first book of the Eden Trilogy. The story revolves around Eve, a college professor, who is trying to solve her parents’ murder.

I had some difficulty getting into the book in the beginning.  There were quite a few grammatical errors and sentence structure problems that I found distracting.  I didn’t really begin to settle into the book until the third chapter.

Errors aside, there were things about the book that I enjoyed.  The author gives us points of view from all three of the main characters.  I liked having the insight from each one because I felt that it gave them more depth.

After the end of the second chapter, the story started to develop.  I appreciated how the author took the time to go back and fill in the histories of both Dante and Raphael.  There were even a couple of twists in the book that I really wasn’t expecting.

Although the book follows the basic vampire book formula, I liked the premise of the story.  I found the characters likeable as well.  If book two goes in the direction I suspect it is going (I don’t want to give anything away) it should be an interesting follow-up.


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Evangeline Cass saw the man who murdered her parents, she knows he is a vampire, and she has spent her life trying to find him. A Professor in Literature she spends her time teaching the subject she is most afraid of, the Gothic, using her job as a cover for her desire to learn about vampires. But Eve’s life is more entwined with the dark and unknown world of the supernatural than she realises. When Eve meets Dante, a beautiful and intelligent young man, who sweeps her off her feet, she finds herself learning all about the real world she lives in. The secret that her neighbour and friend Rafael has kept from her for her whole life, and the reason why he holds such deep fear and hatred for Dante are one in the same.

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