Dreaming of the Wolf  (12/01/11) is the 8th book in Terry Spear’s Wolf Series and I find myself running out of words to describe just how fantastic these books are; Dreaming of the Wolf is no exception. From the first few pages, it was non-stop action. This book is a little different than the others in that the majority of the story takes place away from the pack. This book can be read as a stand-alone and while some of my favorite characters from the other books do show up, you won’t be lost in the story if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series. I loved the pairing of Jake with Alicia. Jake being the alpha male and Alicia being a strong independent woman made for some great banter between the two. Ms. Spear’s writing has tremendous detail, depicting realistic thoughts and emotions, bringing the spirit of the wolf alive.  Dreaming of the Wolf is a must-have addition to any Terry Spear fan’s bookshelf. Well done, Terry; your wolves never cease to thrill me.


Jake Silver is visiting Breckenridge to drop off some of his photography to a local art studio when he spots a woman acting suspiciously across the street. The wolf and man in him is intrigued and goes on the hunt. Though his kind (wolves) doesn’t normally interfere with human problems he can’t help but come to the rescue of the beautiful Alicia Greiston from a couple mob goons. Unaware of the danger Jake placed himself in, Alicia takes it upon herself to keep Jake safe by disappearing. If she’s gone, the mob won’t go after Jake to hurt her. One night together should have been an easy thing for Jake to get over. Since Alicia is human it’s not like he could have a long relationship with her. But when Alicia starts coming to him in his dreams every single night, he knows something isn’t right.  His family has a history of dreaming of their intended mate, but Alicia isn’t a wolf.  So what is it about this woman that is drawing him to her?



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Werewolf pack leader Jake Silver is an acclaimed photographer. He sees a beautiful woman at the art gallery where his photos are on display, and his intrigue turns into wolfish protectiveness. Alicia Greiston has never met anyone like Jake–he’s sexy, alpha, and totally irresistible, and he calls to something primal in her soul.

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  1. Terry Spear says:

    Thanks so much, Rhonda, for the lovely review! I’ve just got some copies in, so if anyone would like an autographed copy, ask me a question about my series, and one lucky person will be the winner over Thanksgiving!

    Thanks again, Rhonda, for loving my wolves!

    “Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

  2. Ariel says:

    Terry–I have recently read one of your wolf books, and now understand Rhonda’s love of your men. They are great, detailed characters.
    MY question is: How much time do you spend researching and how do you conduct said research on wolves in order to make your alphas so real?

  3. Terry Spear says:

    Thanks so much, Ariel! I research a lot on location, temperature, foliage as well as on the kinds of wolves that lived and still live in an area. This means finding news stories, sightings, biologists’ reports on studies they’ve done, videos on interaction between biologists and the wolves they’re studying, and information from those who have raised them. I was fortunate enough to visit wolves at a refuge for them in Texas even. 🙂 I even listened to them howling when I wrote Seduced by the Wolf, to try to capture the various sounds they make when communicating with one another in my writing. 🙂

    So lots, really. Love it though! Thanks for the great question.

  4. R.L. says:

    So far I’ve only had a chance to read the Heart of the Highland Wolf. I started the Legend of the White Wolf last night. Is there going to be more Highland wolves? And if so, will there be kilts involved?

  5. Terry Spear says:

    Thanks, RL for your super question!

    Yes, more Highland wolves. In heck, they changed my title and I can’t remember it now, but in the one coming now in Feb 2013, it’s Duncan’s story. He’s the dark warrior, youngest of the quads. Very hot–in the Grand Cayman Islands where he’s trying to track down the crook who stole their money. He didn’t bring a swimsuit–he’s the warrior minded kind of guy. But when he runs into a female alpha, well, he’s a bit distracted…and she helps him find one hot swimsuit…lol. He is in a kilt at the end of the story. I’ll be working on another, Cearnach’s story, 2nd oldest brother. He begins the story in a kilt as he heads for a former girlfriend’s Highland wedding…and gets run off the road by an American wolf.

    My friend, her girlfriend and I went to Scotland to explore Scottish castles. I was the backseat driver. “Other lane! Other lane!” 🙂 So watch out Highlander wolves when an American wolf comes to visit! 🙂

  6. Teresa says:

    Terry, I am very happy to hear there will be more men in kilts! I love the way you describe your characters, they are so vivid I can picture them in my mind. Some authors have an actor or person in mind when writing about their characters,when you are writing about your leading men do you totally make them up or are they based on some hottie you have seen?

  7. Terry Spear says:

    Thanks so much, Teresa! Me too. There\’s just something about a man in a kilt…especially when he\’s a wolf on top of it! I\’m glad you can see the hunks in your mind\’s eye! I make them up totally. I guess that\’s why when I am asked who I\’d like to play the leading character for my books if they were to make it into movie-dom, I really can\’t say. I\’d like to think that some sexy new guy on the scene would play the role! Give someone else a chance! 🙂
    Thanks again!

  8. Olivia says:

    Hi Terry. Since you visited a wolf sanctuary in Texas, are you thinking about branching out and having a Texas wolf pack? Of course, I appreciate the kilts as much as the other ladies 😉

  9. Terry Spear says:

    Hi Olivia! In Silence of the Wolf, title to probably change, Tom meets his match. He’s from Silver Town, Colorado, the Destiny of the Wolf pack, and she’s from Texas. Now, she’s come across an odd situation right before she got into big trouble and ended up in Colorado…

    But that all has to do with a couple of jaguars living near Houston! 🙂 Not that she meets them or anything…but she smells “cat” in a butcher shop, and that’s just not right!

    They don’t meet in the same stories. But maybe later? Who knows!

    But the first jaguar shifter story, Savage Hunger, will be out next fall…they don’t believe in werewolves though. They’re just fantasy, you know. 🙂

    Wolves did live in Texas, well most every place early on. I’ve thought about doing a cowboy werewolf. 🙂 But much in the future!

  10. Diane says:

    Rhonda turned me onto this series and I must say I love it. I think Leidolf is my favorite man, yum. Are you planning on turning any of your books into movies? I’m sick of the movies that always make the wolf the bad guy.

  11. Terry Spear says:

    Woohoo, thanks, Diane! I so agree with you about the disparaging wolf stories. I certainly wish mine would be picked up by the movie industry! Out of my hands though! It would be great! 🙂 Thanks again!

  12. Terry Spear says:

    Okay, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pick just one winner. I’m such a beta wolf. Or, no. I’m an alpha all the way, and I’ve decided, EVERYONE who commented gets a free book. My Christmas gift to you. Book is your choice. Just email me with addresses. 🙂

    I think my email is listed on my website.

  13. Rhonda Valverde says:

    Thank you so much Terry. That is very generous of you! I’m sure everyone will be very happy to see this.

  14. Ariel says:

    Terry–you rock! \m/ \m/
    Thank you so much for your generosity!
    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  15. Terry Spear says:

    You’re welcome, Ariel! Just send me your home address in an email and I’ll send you a book, your preference. 🙂

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