Angel-May Black has been locked in a room for 16 years, a prisoner of her own father. He’s never been a loving person and has beaten her on a regular basis for as long as she can remember. The only thing she can do to make it stop is to wait until death claims her. But fate has something else in mind for Angel. She has to hold on until the day she turns eighteen, then she will be rescued by a vampire and a shape-shifter who are hired by her grandmother she never knew she had.

But even then her life isn’t safe, when everyone around her has their own agenda. Are they really helpful or do they mean her harm too?

Angel is very young when her mother dies and since that moment she is the prisoner of her violent father. The only things bearable for her are her “dreams” in which she meets a young handsome man and sometimes a familiar woman. Are they glimpses from her future or are they just dreams?

Angel’s connection with her rescuer, Zared, is huge although he cannot understand why. He is hired to save her from her father and make sure she arrives safely at her grandmother’s, but her soul is calling to him. Angel knows her future depends on him, so she has to convince him to keep her close.

Love for a Vampire, by Wendy Huchison, is the first novel in a trilogy and I have to say it’s well written. When I read the book description, I was interested and very curious to see what this book was all about. The first few chapters are heavy stuff and I did have some doubts about reading further, but I’m glad I did.

My hands itched when I read the scenes of the abuse. How can a father treat his daughter that way, beat her up till she bleeds? No, I didn’t feel any love for that man.

Angel and Zared are fabulous characters and you’re going to love them when you’re further into the book. Their journey isn’t without danger and their growing relationship will be tested every step of the way.

I’m dying to see more of them in future novels. I know there is more between Angel and Zared then we see in this book. Who or what is Madoc? I hope to find that out in the next novel, too.  I’m definitely going to look out for her next novel, hopefully that won’t take too long.

3 stars

Maya DeLeina’s Flesh Fantasy was such a fun and sexy read that I read it from start to finish in one sitting. Written in a journal style from both Rain’s and Ryhs’s points of view, we’re given a unique look into their human/vampire relationship. The story is filled with a supporting cast of characters all as deeply developed and focused, and each vampire has a unique ability that brings something special to the story.

While this book is an erotic paranormal romance, it’s so much more than a sex fest with a bit of a story to back it up. This book is a steamy story of sensual fantasies come to life, boundaries bent and broken, and family loyalties that will last an eternity. Throw in some hot vampires, sexual spider webs, and humorous banter and you have yourself just about the perfect vampire book. Any lover of vampire romance should run out now and pick up this book. You will be hooked from the first chapter.  While Rain and Rhys are the focus in Flesh Fantasy, I quickly became attached to the other characters and certainly hope to see them in their own books soon!



[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, bondage, orgies] Tonight, Rain Calisto searches for her man, and Rhys Matthews comes into focus. He is well-built and sinisterly sexy. In the same Denver nightclub, Armand Anastasio searches for his woman—Rain. But the men are more than gorgeous. They are vampires, and they are unmated. A chance encounter lands Rhys and Rain together. Their attraction remains undeniably powerful and they fall prey to lust. With each passionate tryst, Rhys senses a connection that goes beyond the flesh. Unbeknownst to Rhys, Rain is a diabetic. Her insulin alters her biological makeup, disguising a revelation he isn’t quite prepared for. Rain is Rhys’s fated mate. As they struggle with this knowledge, another bombshell is dropped. Rain’s insulin-laced tissue creates a rare vampiric blood that can fetch a hefty profit, and Armand has always known this. Is his attraction to Rain genuine, or is he just out for her blood? This is the diary of Rain and Rhys. Recorded here is their transformation from a flesh fantasy to eternal love. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Jeanette’s novel starts with a great deal of humor and comical anecdotes about Jen’s boss, Rob and his antics every time the moon blooms full and bright. She knows all about the were community, and all its foibles. She feels as though she doesn’t get enough respect from her peers, and is left out of the life she has made for herself. Jen tries to be a good enough person to even associate with the werewolves, but inside she craves, like all of us, to be something else; something more.

Jen finds werewolves almost comical as they are mainly in heat during the full moon, and she notices how drooly and useless they can be if left alone to their own devices. There is one problem with her though, despite what she thinks of werewolves and the way they leave everything in a mess when she is around, she is jealous of them, how large they grow, and the fun they seem to have.

In Jeanette’s novel, Jen tries to keep the fact hidden that she is a were-mouse as she knows it would make her boss laugh. Instead she goes along with his mistakes, naughty times with other girls in his office, and all because she feels something deep inside her for him. She knows her love for Rob isn’t likely to go anywhere fast, but it doesn’t stop her from fantasizing.

Her growing love for her boss is one of the things that make her do the one thing she shouldn’t; she steals the amulet hoping it will help her get a better life. Jen will have to hope that she can make a difference in the were community, or they might laugh her out of the place!

As part 1 in a series, this novel deserves to be one of the first comedy horror novels you should get – When, Were and Howl has it all, lust, love and fur flying endlessly, you’re guaranteed to howl all the way through.



Jen has never enjoyed the full moon. Not like her family and certainly not like her boss, Rob, whose monthly trysts leave the office in a shambles. Jen turns into a mouse on the full moon, the most disrespected form in the were-community. Her crush on Rob only makes her deep loneliness and feelings of alienation worse. When her friend steals an amulet with the power to turn were-wolf, Jen decides to try it on… only to find that being a wolf isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Cassidy has three chances to make a love life for herself, but she has to choose which one will make her happiest. This isn’t the best way for a girl to spend her time, but immortality can get a little boring when she has only herself for company. One man is good for her – Daniel, while the other, Ash, might not be, even though she is tied to him, in body, blood and soul. She doesn’t care enough for Ash since he forced the blood tie on her without her consent; she feels she only has one chance at love and that is with Daniel. She always felt right around Daniel, but the intense link to Ash can serve to confuse her heart sometimes.

As a vampire, Cassidy does not want to spend an eternity alone, so she has to make a decision or she will have to surrender to her fate and be stuck with Ash. It could be a long time, though, and as she hasn’t found the kind of love with other men that she has with Daniel.  She must open her heart to the possibility that if she does choose Daniel, Ash might take great exception to it.

Even though she is a vampire, she is still having problems with men in the way humans do, with basic issues that involve trust, love and jealousy. She is more human than she thinks. I liked the way she handles her situation, and she isn’t far removed from any woman on the street in the way she feels.

She desires a man she can trust, one who will look after her interests, not just his own like Ash would. She thinks it could be a tall order, but all she needs to do is follow her heart, yet it is more complicated than that. Due to her being bound to Ash, she can’t get with another man, not even Daniel, or so she thinks.  Daniel surprises her and wants nothing more than getting the binding to Ash undone. It felt good to me as a reader as it gave Daniel’s character some real spunk that he needed and Ash was formidable as his opposite.

The Irish link that is part of the title gave the novel an uplifting feel even when there were tense moments in the story. This is one author not to be missed.



Cassidy Elliott found herself torn between two worlds. The one in which she was currently living and the one in which she was desperately trying to escape.

No correction she found herself torn between two men. One man she desperately found herself needing and longing to spend an eternity. And one to which she was forced to open her heart, mind, body and soul to. Everyone always assumes a vampire has a choice in which way they live the here after.

Well my friend you soon will see how very wrong you are to assume we are in control of our own destiny, no matter who we are.

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