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Review: Invidia

Invidia [1] starts back in 1807 in France during a time of turmoil and unrest where Annabel, an unusual yet popular girl, has nightmares about what her family’s enemies did to the ones she loved the most. She is in a different time now, and she has to be careful not to show any of the other girls around her at high school that she is much different than they are – especially where her new boyfriend, Derrick is concerned.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though.  Annabel has a close-knit circle of friends who are vampires just like her, yet she yearns to be a normal girl who eats, sleeps normally and enjoys the things most human girls her age would. To enjoy her time with Derrick would be great if she was human, but the chances of that are slim.

Derrick wants her to have a normal life too, and he wants her to change him into a vampire, but Annabel refuses to do it. She doesn’t see how he can be ready for living the life of a ravenous vampire, even if he insists he will be fine. There are aspects of vampire life he hasn’t even given a thought.  Derrick could be in for a shock as he lives around the vampire girls, but in some ways he could be safer than if he was with other humans.

Annabel, Derrick and her small group of friends have a good life together, but there’s always something that can happen when they least expect it. I liked the way the story starts with that leap into a period drama, the look, and the setting up of the characters.

In many novels of this type, there is always one girl or guy who wants to become one of the undead, and who thinks it will be a great idea, but more often than not, it never turns out that way.   What interested me most was how Nicci brought me into the minds of the vampires, their thoughts, their worries, how less romantic the life of a vampire seemed to them, and what they think is expected of them in life even though they are acting as teenagers.




From The Official Website of Nicci Sefton [2]


It’s been two months since his girlfriend, Annabell, defeated her enemy. It’s Halloween and everything seems to be going fine. And why not, when he’s Derrick Clark, the new hottie at Madison High and he’s dating one of the most gorgeous, popular girls ever… who just happens to be the new Queen of the undead…

As if high school isn’t hard enough, just think how hard it is to get his vampire girlfriend out of his head and stay focused on school. Then, without warning, Derrick has to deal with yet another vampire who has his eyes on Annabell, and who may have an ulterior motive for arriving.

As their relationship deepens, Derrick and Annabell must face new peril as Annabell takes on the role of Queen and is threatened by old enemies who destroyed her family and now seek to take her crown.


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