New author, Geatriz, brings you a vampire romance book that’s uniquely dark and just might have you questioning your morals because you can’t stop reading the wickedness that is Delight in Cruelty. The viscous vampire, Yuzuki, is a character that I’m almost scared to say I loved (not sure what that says about my character).  Her actions in this book are so dark and twisted, yet I found them humorous because she is so lackadaisical about it. You realize there is a lot more to Yuzuki than meets the eye once we delve into her long torturous past. Along with Yuzuki, we meet the sexy immortal, Sole, (never found out what exactly he is) and a down on her luck vampire hunter, Miranda. While their characters are good, they don’t compare to Yuzuki, but they are great supporting roles, showing us more about Yuzuki.

This book is only 170 pages but is well written and ends in such a way that makes you wonder what they are all up to now. We can always hope that the author will continue their stories. This vampire romance is more of a gothic romance with some humor added in than a true “romance”. There is a HEA, but it’s not the typical love-conquers-all ending we’re used to in this genre.




From Geatriz’s Official Website

A story of three different characters that somehow find themselves together. Yuzuki, a vicious vampire with barely a care for anyone’s life, even her own. Sole, an immortal that finds himself as Yuzuki’s pet… and likes it. Miranda, a vampire hunter that is too broke to afford… well anything. Hunting vampires doesn’t pay the bills.

5 Responses to “Review: Delight in Cruelty”
  1. mona says:

    A must read …Couldnt put it down..ready for a sequel

  2. Diana Ibarra says:

    I went to high-school with Geatriz, and i always knew her to be a little crazy, but an absolutely stunning girl. Love you Gea! I am so proud of you!

  3. Sandra D. says:

    Congrats on your first book! I loved it! It was well written and gotta say that I felt in love with Yuzuki( I did get sad when reading about her past) and especially with Sole(what is he?!). I noticed some of the names you used are very familiar ;)… Can’t wait for a sequel. Way to go girl, luv ya’!


    BTW your uncle NUNU is very proud of you too!!

  4. Amy-Lyn says:

    This book was awesome!!! i could not put it down!! and i cant wait for the sequel!! im soo proud of u gea!!! Love you gurl!!

  5. Rebecca Hamilton loves Vampire Romance says:

    Sounds like a deliciously dark read! Did someone say this was the authors first novel? Big congrats!

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