I am delighted to be able to tell you about a wonderful addition to vampire romance.   I felt as though I were reading through a dark, romantically poignant dream as I read Vampire Free Style.  This is a beautifully written tale of lost love, ancient mysteries, and magic.  The story line is tight and fresh and so is the medium.  Hold on to your hats because I’m talking about ….dum ta dum!…..comic books!   There is nothing funny about these comics though, they are outstandingly awesome and suitable for ALL ages.  In other words, all you readers that are 20, 30, 40, and beyond, will LOVE Vampire Free Style just as much as the under 20 crowd.

The story begins with a cat that crosses the path of two men.  One of them, Edward, sees a woman when he looks at the cat.  The other is a sad young witch in training named Pedrocino.  He is sad because his girlfriend has mysteriously disappeared without a trace and all efforts to locate her have failed.  The cat follows Pedrocino home where she begins to have memory flashbacks of being with Pedrocino as a human girl.  Meanwhile, Edward begins having his own visions of the girl he saw, and forgotten memories from 300 years ago begin to emerge.

Vampire Free Style is beautifully illustrated with a gothic/emo style.  Done in black and white, each page still conveys light, texture, and emotion.  The transition from frame to frame is immaculate.  The pages have the slick and glossy look and feel that is found in illustrated books of high quality.  Sometimes in manga the characters all look pretty much the same, but here, each character is uniquely drawn and easy to identify.   The women are lovely and far from being the sexually exaggerated Barbie dolls often associated with comics.   The style is charming and inviting.  The plot line is complex, but easy to follow, and holds the attention of the reader.   The supporting characters are interesting and mysterious as well.

I strongly recommend this series.  You will not be disappointed and will find the uniqueness of the medium to be a positive rather than a negative.  Reading a great story and looking at quality illustrations is something that grownups can enjoy just as much as the young ones.   Readers will be enchanted.   I was left craving more and will definitely be a follower of this series as new volumes are released.    More info on Vampire Free Style can be found at Neptunefactory.com.

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