Denise K Rago’s Immortal Obsession is a fantastic new vampire novel that seamlessly takes the readers into the world of vampires from 18th Century France to present day Manhattan. The vivid imagery in the writing made me feel as though I was walking the streets of Paris with the French Revolution raging around me. I can close my eyes and see tourists strolling through Central Park and the beauty of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rago’s vampires are powerful and sexy as we have come to expect but you’ll find no inner turmoil over how they have to survive.  There are so many characters in this book but because of the depth of each one there is no problem keeping everyone’s place in the story clear.  Immortal Obsession is a book with so many layers of history and emotion you simply can’t stop turning pages to see what happens next. The end of the book leaves you with a huge cliffhanger and I hope Ms. Rago is busy writing the follow up to this fabulous novel!


In 18th Century France, Christian DuMaure’ cannot face living a life without his best friend Michel so he joins him in immortality by the beautiful and seductive vampire Gabrielle. Soon they are immersed in the world of the Parisian Vampires and Christian finds himself in an affair with a mortal aristocrat Josette. As Christian and Michel set to flee from a burning Paris and their maker Gabrielle, Josette asks Christian to watch over her daughter Solange. Only later to find out that Solange is in fact his. For centuries he single handedly watches over every descendent of her bloodline.

200 years later in present day Manhattan there are only two descendents left of Josette’s; Amanda and Ryan Perretti.  Amanda witnesses the murder of her brother and comes face to face with the monster that just drank her brother’s blood. She is saved by a tall blond phantom stranger who simply disappeared after she passed out from shock. For 6 months she searched for him with no luck, repeating her story for the police over and over again with no leads what so ever.  When Amanda decides to visit Detective Ross, who is in charge of her brother’s murder case, one evening she is shocked to find the very same stranger in the detective’s office only to have him deny them ever crossing paths before.

Christian has watched over Amanda and Ryan just as he has all the others. Never interfering in their lives until the night he follows two vampires from his past into the park and finds that one has killed Ryan and now has Amanda by the throat. He steps in and saves her life and disappears after erasing her memory of him, or so he thought. When bodies start showing up drained of blood in Central Park, Christian works with Detective Ross and is shocked when he comes face to face with Amanda again and she remembers everything about him. More than the recognition she has of him, he can’t believe the feelings that she brings out in him. Never has he been drawn to any of the others he was watched over the centuries. He’s disgusted with himself having feelings for one of his own descendents. When Michel reveals a 200 year old secret it resolves the guilt that Christian feels, but leaves him with many unanswered questions.

Amanda finds herself targeted by vampires not knowing that her blood holds a special power for them.  When enemies of old descend upon Manhattan Christian must face betrayals from his past as well as protect the woman he loves against his centuries old enemies set on vengeance.

Have you read Immortal Obsession? If so, leave a comment and let everyone know what you thought.

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