Blood and Ashes is the follow-up novel for Jordan’s Ravens Deep, where she delves into the life of Madeline Shaw, after receiving the bite from her lover, Darius Chamberlayne that will give her the immortal life she begged him for.  Darius was reluctant in giving in to Madeline’s pleas, and continues to regret his one show of weakness, as she allows her sinister nature to bloom.

Madeline disregards Darius’ attempts to keep her in control of this new power and instinct and allows the pull of her power over mortals to take her away from her lover.  Madeline deserts Darius to sow her immortal oats, and prowls the dark streets of England.  She ends up in the London underground tunnels, and meets another of her kind. 

Madeline’s will is tested, and she risks her own immortal life to return to Darius and her beloved Ravens Deep.  But of what consequence?  Will Darius allow her to return to him and their life after she’s betrayed him?  Can he allow this other immortal to continue to exist after learning what Madeline had to endure? Will Darius survive himself? 


I found this second novel of Jane Jordan’s to be much more compelling than her first, Ravens DeepBlood and Ashes has some great action and unexpected twists.  I find that I have come to respect Darius’ overbearing nature especially when we meet Kitan.  Madeline was fun to get to know, especially when confronted with her worst nightmares.  This story gets 3 ½ stars out of 5 for a good read, and 1 flame for romance.

Have you read Blood and Ashes? If so, leave a comment and tell others what you thought.

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