Here’s a list of known upcoming book releases from your favorite paranormal romance authors for November 2010.

If we’ve missed any titles, feel free to post a comment informing of us of the book title, author and release date.

Ant= Anthology/collection of short stories


AGT=Agents/Spy/Spec Ops/Feds

D= Dragons

DE= Demons


FE= Fae/Faries/Elves

FY= Fantasy

GH= Ghost/Spirits

H= Historical

HMR= Humor

MG= Magic


Psy= Psychic/ESP

RR= Re-Release

SCI= Sci-Fi

SH= Shifters/Were

UF= Urban Fantasy

V= Vampires

VK= Vikings

WH= Witch/Warlock

WR= Warriors/Brotherhood

YA= Young Adult


November 1st

The Taming of the Wolf
Lydia Dare
W, H

Crown of Crystal Flame:
Tairen Soul #5
C. L. Wilson

Drink of Me
Jacquelyn Frank

Touch of Temptation:
Primal Instinct #6
Rhyannon Byrd

Darklight: Wondrous Strange #2
Lesley Livingston

Heaven’s Spite: Jill Kismet #5
Lilith Saintcrow

His Darkest Embrace: Jaguar Warriors #2
Juliana Stone

Edge of Twilight: Wings in the Night #8
Maggie Shayne

A Darker Shade of Dead: Guardians of the Dark #4
Biana D’Arc

Primal Heat
Crystal Jordan

Luck of the Wolf: 19th Century Werewolf #7
Susan Krinard

Stronger Then Sin
Caridad Piniero

The Maestro’s Butterly: Maestro Series #2
Rhonda Leigh Jones

November 2nd

Anya Bast

Inside Out
Lauren Dane

Firewalker: Stormwalker #2
Allyson James

Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend
 Kate MacAlister writing as Katie Maxwell

Spun by Sorcery: Sugar Maple #3
Barbara Bretton

Play of Passion: Psy Changelings #9
Nalini Singh

Wolfsbane: Sianim #2
Patricia Briggs

Marked by the Moon: Night Creatures #9
Lori Handeland

Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here: The Others #10
Christine Warren

Sea Storm: Sea Haven series
Christine Feehan


Blood Spells: Novel of the Nightkeepers #5
Jessica Andersen

Living Nightmare:
 Sentinel Wars #4
Shannon K. Butcher

Magic at the Gate: Allie Beckstrom novel #5
Devon Monk

In the Company of Vampires: Dark Ones #9
Katie MacAlister

Afterlight: Dark Ink Chronicles #1
Elle Jasper

In Dreams Begin
Skyler White

Reckoning: Shadow Dweller #4
J. C. Wilder

Shifters’ Captive: Magical Menages #1
Bonnie Dee

Devil at Midnight: Fitz Claire Chronicles #9
Emma Holly

The Ghost Exterminator:
A Karmic Consultants Story
Vivi Andrews

Crossroads: Southern Arcana #2
Moira Rogers

Eternal: More Love Stories with a Biter
P. C. Cast


November 8th

Bitten in Two: Jaz Parks #7
Jennifer Rardin

November 16th

Songs of Love and Death
17 contributing authors

Night Star: Immortals #5
Alyson Noel

November 17th

Water Bound: Sister of the Heart #1
Christine Feehan

November 23rd

By Magic Alone: Magic series #5
Tracy Madison

Night of the Vampires
Heather Graham

Gryphon Unleashed
Kathleen Nance

November 30th

Vampires Not Invited: Night Tracker #3
Cheyenne McCray

Counterfeit Magic
Kelley Armstrong

Bone Gods: Black London #3
Caitlin Kittredge

Tempted by Fate: Guardians of Destiny #3
Kate Perry


Hungry for You: Argeneau #14
Lynsay Sands

Eternal Flame: Night Watch #3
Cynthia Eden

Devoured by Darkness: Guardians of Eternity #7
Alexandra Ivy

In The Dark of Dreams: Dirk & Steele #11
Marjorie M. Liu

Congratulation to Lynn (2), Christy (14), Bella (21), Sarah (11), and Amelia (8)!

They are the lucky winners of the new V.C. Andrews book Daughter of Darkness!

Daughter of Darkness

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If a winner does not respond within 14 days, an alternate winner will be chosen.

Raphael: Vampires in America is a fabulous book filled with action, suspense, sexual tension, a kick-ass heroine with a fondness for sarcasm, and a sexy, dark and dangerous vampire lord who always gets what he wants.  This book is definitely not in the Vampire Romance category. I would put this book in the Urban Fantasy genre along with books like Night Huntress, Anita Blake, and Riley Jensen. I love a book that has a woman who can stand her ground with the big boys and an alpha male who can’t believe he’s fallen for that woman! Cyn and Raphael’s relationship is not the perfect “Happily Ever After” and I loved that. Reynolds has added a great secondary cast of characters that are as much a part of the story as Raphael and Cyn. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series, Jabril, to find out what happens next with Cyn and Raphael!

Anyone who is a fan of vampire romance or urban fantasy should have this book on their book shelf!


Raphael is one of eight Vampire Lords in the US. He runs his territory fairly, but expects nothing but complete and unfailing loyalty from all he sires, works under him, or resides in his territory. For hundreds of years he’s lived a life of luxury in Malibu. Being one of the most powerful vampires in the country, and in the world, has given him a since of security and entitlement.  While vampires are known to exist, the human society still prefers to pretend they don’t and that’s fine with the vampires who see humans as nothing more than a convenient source of food and sex.  When Alexandra, the one vampire Raphael has sworn to protect, is kidnapped while he’s out of town, by one of the vampires under his rule as well as a group of humans, he must enlist the help of a human private investigator to help track her down.

Cynthia “Cyn” Leighton is an ex-LAPD officer, turned PI. Most of her work consists of digging up lost bank accounts, long lost relatives, and cheating spouses for the wealthy inhabitants in the Malibu area. Cyn has also become a popular choice among the vampire community when they are in need of a PI. Generally it’s to find a great-great grandchild or something similar. That is until Raphael walks into her office with an arrogant air of authority that shows he is not one used to being told “No”. While kidnapping is out of her league, she knows that the police will be of no help to him. She reluctantly agrees to help track down Alexandra and those that have betrayed Raphael.

Cyn and Raphael must fight through layers of betrayal from trusted colleagues and friends, both vampire and human. Their search to get to the bottom of the kidnapping faces them off against Russian Mobsters, vengeful vampires and the humans they control. Along the way the most dangerous betrayal they face just may be themselves and the emotions that are surfacing between them.


Have you read Raphael? If so, post a comment and let others know what you thought!

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VRB turned 4 years old in October. Thank you for your continued support! It wouldn’t be the same without you all!

Do you ever look back and recognize a certain point in time, a certain flash of remembrance and realize it was a turning point in your life? Then do you start to wonder how that certain point is going to affect your future, your forever? What would you do with forever if you actually had it? Would you want to keep forever or give it back?

In Shaun Roundy’s “This”, you get to experience the thrill of youth and the prospect of immortality and “forever”. “This” is a fairly short book, but Roundy’s depth of character development and fast paced action makes it a book you can’t put down. I’ll admit I was a little leery when I started “This” because I knew it was a YA book. While there is nothing steamy in the story, it did not disappoint like many YA books do. This is a fabulous book that will open your eyes to the things you might be overlooking in your own existence and make you realize your “forever” starts with what you enjoy today.


Kayla Porter was your average 17 year old. A few good friends and a loving family help round out her average life. She’s not complaining, really, she knows she has it better than a lot of people. She just can’t help but know, deep down inside, she’s meant for something bigger. Something more than a job, marriage, kids, life, death. Unfortunately the most excitement she gets in her life are terrible nightmares and a crush on a boy at school who doesn’t even know she exists Both the nightmares and her thoughts of Ethan Clayton keep her up at night and leave her exhausted the next day.

Who knew that those restless nights would change her life forever? When Kayla is sent to detention for falling asleep in class she meets the energetic and unique Melissa along with the hot headed, obnoxious Mitch. Kayla enjoys listening to the banter between Melissa and Mitch. (Mitch wants Melissa; Melissa wants to smack Mitch in the head.) Melissa is everything that Kayla isn’t; she’s bold, self assured, and speaks her mind with no worries of what anyone else thinks. Kayla likes her immediately and soon learns that not only is Melissa a breath of fresh air, she’s also Ethan’s sister. Kayla, Melissa, and Ethan strike up a close friendship and soon are spending a lot of time together. Kayla still wants more than just friendship from Ethan, but can’t quite pick up on whether he’s interested in more too. Ethan is just the type of person who is nice to everyone; one of the things Kayla loves the most about him.

A fun trip to the carnival changes everyone’s lives forever.  Kayla and Ethan finally figure out their feelings run deeper than friendship. Melissa is tempted with forever until Mitch comes along and picks a fight with the carnival worker and gets his butt kicked in the fighting ring. Mitch is bitten by the carnie and they all go home, Mitch battered and bruised, Melissa, Ethan, and Kayla happy.

When Mitch shows up at school with no injuries and a new outlook on life, the 3 friends don’t know what to think of this suddenly new Mitch. After a series of events including a selfish act of vengeance, a fatal accident, and a nightmare come true, Kayla, Melissa, and Ethan find out just how different their lives have become, having to face the realities of immortality. Even with immortality, everyone is different. Everyone handles their new status differently and not everyone can handle the thought of living forever. Some can’t handle the power they have been given. Kayla comes to find out that she may be the key to giving many a second chance at life or a second chance at death. Will the friends decide that forever isn’t for them, or will they embrace forever together?

Have you read “This“? If so, post a comment and let others know what you thought!

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The wonderful people at Pocket Mass Market, Simon & Schuster Publishing are offering 5 lucky winners a copy of the upcoming release of Daughter of Darkness by Best Selling author V.C. Andrews! 5 winners will be randomly picked on Friday, October 22nd. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment here about your favorite VC Andrews book.

Daughter of Darkness

I will notify the winner by email on the 22nd.

Drawing is open to anyone worldwide. No Po. Boxes.


Thanks again to  Pocket Mass Market, Simon & Schuster Publishing.

 Seraphina is a vampire with a secret: she’s never been satisfied in her sex life. When her friend, Becca, takes her to Captive Fantasy where a select group of men fulfil women’s sexual fantasies, Sera isn’t so sure. That is until she sees Valentino. Valentino takes Sera’s breath away and he is determined to spend the night with her. 

Valentino has s secret of his own, he isn’t quite human either but just like Sera he never tells anyone. He’s always been satisfied working at Captive Fantasy and fulfilling women’s dreams, but the moment he sees Sera he knows deep down in his heart he wants this woman and this woman alone. 

But drinking Valentino’s blood and even allowing him to take a sip of hers, places Sera in a difficult position. Will they be able to overcome the problems they are going to face?  

Sera has some vulnerabilities and I like that about her, she is not the typical vampire who drink blood from every human she sees. She left her maker’s home because she couldn’t stand to drink from the vein. So she lives on bagged blood, which she heats up. But that all changes when she meets Valentino, because sinking her teeth into his vein is the only thing she can think about. 

Valentino was created in a lab, only to work in the club Captive Fantasy, where they pleasure women. Everything goes well, until he meets Sera and from that moment all he wants to do is give her pleasure and only her. But can Sera accept him when she finds out his secret?  

Sera and Valentino went through hell to finally be together. When Sera drank his blood, she didn’t know she put her own life on the line, because drinking a clone’s bloods isn’t exactly healthy. When Sera’s maker finds out, he will do anything to save her life…even if that means eliminate Valentino completely out of her life. But he didn’t expect their love for each other to be that strong and survive even his threat. 

The secondary characters Raphael, Becca and Nadia were great and I’m really hoping that they will get a book of their own. I have to be honest, I truly admit to having some moments where I wanted to snatch Valentino away from Sera and keep him just for me. Who wouldn’t want a man who is created only to pleasure a woman?  Captive Fantasy by L. Rosario is the first novel I’ve read by this author and I have to say it was definitely worth the read.

Captive Fantasy is sensual and hot, it’s a terrific vampire novel with some very steamy scenes.


Have you read Captive Fantasy? If so, post a comment and let others know what you thought!

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Here’s a list of known upcoming book releases from your favorite paranormal romance authors for October 2010.

If we’ve missed any titles, feel free to post a comment informing of us of the book title, author and release date.

October 5th

Iron Duke
Meljean Brook

The Best Hex Ever (Jazz Tremaine, #5)

The Best Hex Ever
Linda Wisdom

Demon’s Fire:
 Tale of the Demon World
Emma Holly

Eternal Hunger:
Mark of the Vampire
Laura Wright

Four Play
Maya Banks & Shayla Black

Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2


Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes


Styx’s Storm: Breeds #22
Lora Leigh

Crave: Fallen Angels #2
J.R. Ward

Something Wicked: Living in Eden #2
Michelle Rowen

Seducing the Succubus:
Sisters of the Darkness
Cassie Ryan

In the Dark: Children of the Night #1
P.G. Forte

October 19th

Blood Trinity: Belador series #1
Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love

Becca Fitzpatrick

The First Book of Grimm
Shiloh Walker

October 26th

The Wolf Prince
Karen Kelley

Drink of Me
Jacquelyn Frank

Ecstasy in Darkness: Alien Huntress #5
Gena Showalter

Haunted by Your Touch: Anthology
Jeaniene Frost, Shayla Black, Sharie Kohler

Entice Me at Twilight: Doomsday Brethren #4
Shayla Black

Harvest Hunting: Otherworld #8
Yasmine Galenorn

When Wicked Craves
J. K. Beck

Crown of Crystal Flame
C. L. Wilson

The First Love Cookie Club
Lori Wilde

Shotgun Sorceress: Spellbent #2
Lucy A Snyder

Blood Heat
Maria Lima

Kade: Armed and Dangerous #3
Cheyenne McCray

Ghost Town: Morganville Vampires #9
Rachel Caine

Misguided Angel: Blue Bloods #5
Melissa De La Cruz

Stronger Than Sin
 Caridad Pineiro

A Darker Shade of Dead
Bianca D’Arc


Daughter of Darkness
V.C. Andrews
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