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Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Eternal Kiss of Darkness [1]is an easy, very well written book but I expected nothing less form Jeaniene Frost. Definitely a must read if you are Cat and Bones Fan.  The story between Mencheres and Kira was both romantic and sexy. I was unable to put the book down and the appearances of favorite characters from the Night Huntress Series, Cat, Bones and Vlad only added to the book and story line. I am one who was not a Mencheres fan, but I promise this book will show you a different side of him and make you root for him and Kira until the very end.


Jeaniene Frost’s ‘Eternal Kiss of Darkness [1]’ is the second book in the Night Huntress World Series (a spin-off from The Night Huntress Series). This book is about Master Egyptian Vampire Mencheres who tries to overcome his past mistakes and enemies. Having lost his visions after the death of his wife Patra, Mencheres believes it to be fate and has little to look forward to—until Kira enters his Life. Mencheres is taken by surprise with Kira’s strength, beauty and honesty.

Kira is a Chicago private investigator who has her own battles to overcome. Always one to trust her gut instincts, she can’t ignore it when she hears cries coming from a warehouse close to her apartment on her way home. That one brave act throws her into a world she thought to be fiction.  During the altercation in the warehouse Kira saves Mencheres life and in the process sees him as he truly is a Vampire. Mencheres has no choice but to kidnap her from the battle and take her away with him. After trying to wipe her memories from ever having met him Mencheres finds it to be impossible. He gives it a week as he believes the ingestion of his blood is the cause but during that week they grow closer and the fear of letting her into his heart is stronger than letting her leave with the knowledge of vampires existence. To complicate things further Mencheres’s very old long time enemy Radjedef is after his powers and will stop at nothing to gain what he believes should have been his from the start.

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