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Review: How to Catch and Keep a Vampire




You’ve just finished a steamy, sexy vampire romance novel. You set the book down and stare at the god-like specimen on the cover. Running your fingers over his chiseled abs, you wonder if you’ll ever find your perfect vampire mate. (Don’t lie; we’ve all done it!) You may find him, but then what? 

Well, help has finally arrived. Diana Laurence has written the perfect study guide.

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-by-Step Guide to Loving the Bad and the Beautiful [1].


This isn’t your everyday average dating how-to book. We’re talking about vampires, so there is no fail-proof advice. We all know how temperamental they can be.

Diana takes her years of experience with vampires and uses them to help us not make some of the same mistakes she did. Along with her expertise, she brings along 7 of the sexiest immortals to help us understand their side of it. Who better to ask the question, “How do I catch and keep a vampire”, than a vampire himself?

We’ll hear stories about Diana’s relationships/experiences with all of these sexy immortals:

Ethan: the seductive piano playing vamp with the mesmerizing aqua eyes

Mordred: the cruel, dark vampire who has a thing for black gloves

Adam: Mordred’s friend who is as cute and sweet as Mordred is dark

Gunnar: the golden-haired beau that will get his way and have you thanking him for it

Colin: Full of fascinating experience

Aiden: the rare vampire who is also a lover of ancient magics

Conner: whose dark eyes are as deep as his sexy soul


This book is filled with plenty of FAQ’s and Case Studies that you will soon be laughing at Bella and Sookie’s mistakes as you head out on the town with your red satin ribbon around your wrist.

You’ll be armed with the knowledge of what to say and more importantly what NOT to say. You’ll be ready when you hear one of the classic vampire pick up lines.

Once you find your vampire, you’ll be a little more prepared to handle that relationship. To let him bite or not to bite: This is NOT the only question!


This was a fun read, yet real enough to make you want to take notes for when you’re vampire boyfriend finally comes along.



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