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Nicole Cleaver’s debut novel Death Wish is a fascinating new look into the vampire world. The story moves smoothly, yet never seems predictable. Each character is unique and contributes to the story and makes it impossible to walk away from without wanting to know more. Death Wish is a must read for any Vampire Romance fan!  



Lena Mathews had it all, a career, a husband, and a son. She loved her life. That is until a tragic accident took it all away from her. Losing her husband and son left her broken. She didn’t care about anything, least of all living. Lena wasn’t out looking for death, but she would’ve welcomed it if it came her way. For months she lived in a shell of her former self until one day she wakes up and has a plan. She’s going to move. She’s going to move far away, somewhere cold and dreary and get away from the memories of her past. Fairbanks, Alaska seems to be the perfect choice. It’s cold, it’s dark, and there are plenty of opportunities to run into death. Little did she know that Death is exactly what she would find.

Lena needs something to occupy her nights so the nightmares can stay at bay. She takes a job at V.09 Laboratory as a phlebotomist for the graveyard shift. Lena notices immediately that this isn’t like any other lab she’s worked in. Everyone is beautiful, dressed in designer clothes, and almost perfect in every aspect.

Things are looking up when she meets Rob, the labs cofounder. He’s every woman’s fantasy: handsome, polite, rich, and sexy and Lena is falling for him. One problem, he’s a vampire, and so it seems, is everyone she works with at V.09.

Just when Lena has found a reason to live again a group of religious fanatics threatens to destroy her and everything she cares for. Rob saves her but in doing so, may have forfeited her life anyway. When Lena discovers that she has been lied to and betrayed in the worst way, she tries to walk away, but learns quickly that the vampire world isn’t going to give her that option. She must help them find a cure for a disease that is destroying vampires around the world or they will end her life, just when she was starting to live again.

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Nicole Cleaver, our featured author for November, has graciously offered a personalized authographed copy of her debut novel Death Wish to one lucky winner.

deathwish.jpg Death Wish image by VampKissedDreams

To enter, simply leave a comment to this post telling us:

When it comes to new authors, what draws your attention the most? (cover art, comments from other authors, synopsis,etc)

We’ll be taking entries through November 30th, with the name of a lucky reader to be drawn from the hat on December 1, 2009. The winner will be contacted via e-mail and will be announced here as soon as they have replied to us.

BE SURE AND READ THE OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES, for information on eligibility.

Good luck and thanks so much for participating!

Ladies and gents, our featured author for the month November is Nicole Cleaver, with her debut novel, Death Wish.

Ms. Cleaver has kindly answered a series of questions for us here at and we’re pleased to share her answers with you.

Now without further ado, an interview with the fabulous Nicole Cleaver.


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