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Terry Spear Interview

Publication Date: August 3rd, 2009

Terry Spear

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Release Date: September 1st 2009
Publisher: Sourcebooks

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The Questions

What’s your upcoming or latest book/story about?

To Tempt the Wolf is coming Sep 1, Book 3 in the werewolf series, the first time the story is about a heroine who is not a werewolf, while the hero is.  

Wildlife photographer, Tessa Anderson has to prove her brother is innocent of the murder charges against him.  But when she discovers a half-dead, naked man on her beach who looks like a mythical Greek god, she’s got a whole world of new troubles to deal with, least of all how he affects her with just a look, a touch, a whispered word.

All Hunter Greymere remembers when the enticing female human rescues him is a he’s lupus garou.  Whether he was pushed from the Oregon cliffs or fell is a mystery.  Intending to keep a low profile at Tessa’s cabin on the coast, he’s drawn into her troubles while investigating the truth about his own past. But he finds that living with humans causes more problems than he ever believed possible. His animal instincts war with his human half–he wants the intriguing woman, who attracts male lupus garous like one of his own kind, but he knows he can’t have her for good–unless she becomes one of them.


What’s new and exciting in your life? Are you currently working on anything?

I just finished editing Legend of the White Wolf, Book 4 in the series, due out Feb 5, the first story about Arctic werewolves where both the hero and heroine start out as humans. I worked on it during the winter months, so it was easy to feel the cold while they heated up the pages!

I’m currently working on Book 5 in the series, Seduction of the Wolf, and will be turning it in soon. In this story, Leidolf, who has had a secondary role in the first 4 books will star in his own role. 🙂  But he tackles with Cassie, a little red wolf biologist and sparks soon fly. 🙂  As soon as I turn this one in, I’ll be working on Carol, the psychic’s story. I’d already started it, but I’ll have to see if I’ve changed my mind any. 🙂 


What do you do when you aren’t writing?

I work at a library and it’s really fun when I see the vampire books going out, or other werewolf books (which there aren’t as many of) to ask if the patron has read Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf yet? I say that’s one of my books, and the patron smiles, thinking I’ve donated a copy of a book of mine to the library. There’s always this flutter of realization and then, oh, you wrote the book!  We have lots of patrons who absolutely don’t like hotter works, so when I see they’re checking out “the other stuff” I don’t mention what I do. But if they’re vampire readers, then why not try another story with bite???  I also make award-winning teddy bears and love to garden when it’s not so beastly hot.


What is your biggest moment as an author so far?

Recognition in Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year for Heart of the Wolf. That was truly fantastic!


What got you interested in writing Paranormal Romance books ?
The first shapeshifter book that I read was a Norwegian children’s tale about a prince cursed to be a polar bear by day and was a human during the night. It was a romance, and I fell in love with it. But I’ve always loved ghost stories and the paranormal and Dracula too.


What are your sources for ideas?

For Seduction of the Wolf, the heroine is a wolf biologist. I got the idea as I was researching wolf biologist stories that help me to learn the behavior of wolves in the wild and finally hit on the idea, why not have the heroine work as a wolf biologist? With Destiny of the Wolf, it was just the idea that I wanted a town run by werewolves. And in Legend of the White Wolf, I wanted a story about Arctic werewolves. Oftentimes it’s something really small like that, and then the story just takes off. I would like to do a couple of Highlander werewolf stories next after I write Book 6, if my editor is agreeable! Although several fans have asked for Jake and Tom’s stories, so I’m thinking about that too.


How many books do you have planned for your Vampire series as well as your Wolf series?
I have two more vampire adult books written, but need to heavily revise. On the wolf series, more. 🙂


Do you have plans to add other paranormal characters to your vampire or wolf series? Or possibly a different paranormal series?
I like focusing on one kind of paranormal character in a series. It gives me a chance to create a world that is theirs, but also that seems more real to life. I like reading other authors’ series that have everything in them, but for my own, I like to make it seem as though the guy living next door could really shapeshift into a wolf when the time is right. Otherwise, he’s just like the average Joe…well, hunky Joe.


So, um, any chance we’ll get to see some crossing of series? Maybe a Vampire Highlander?

Absolutely, I have a vampire Highlander story that needs some major revision work so eventually I hope to sell it. But that’s also why I’d love to write a couple of Highlander werewolf stories. Highlanders continue to be popular. I have a lot of Scottish roots so have always been fascinated with the Highlanders and Lowlanders of Scotland. I’ve written about them for genealogy magazines, have an idea for the first one…an American and a Highlander mix it up in Scotland. Yep, could work. 🙂 

  • How many books have you written? Do you have a favorite?
    Twelve, counting the six werewolf books I have contracted with Sourcebooks. The one I’m working on is always my favorite. I think when you’re working on a story, it has to be your favorite because you’re falling in love with the characters, living through all their conflict day after day. That’s all I can focus on. Now, when I have to stop and do final edits on earlier stories, I’m like, wow, this is so good. The one I’m working on will never be that good. But that’s only because it’s still in draft form. By the time it’s finally finished, all the details added, all the twists and turns included, all the sexy scenes fleshed out…then it’s just as good. But as I’m writing, the one I’m working on is definitely my favorite.


    Who is your favorite character that you’ve written so far?
    *sigh* I fall in love with all my heroes. Right now, it’s Leidolf, because that’s who I’m writing about. I first added him into Heart of the Wolf because my editor was upset that the red pack would be leaderless in the end. So Leidolf stepped in to take over. But the mystery wolf took hold of my heart and when I was writing Destiny of the Wolf, he became the heroine’s brother. And in To Tempt the Wolf, the hero’s pack is trespassing in Leidolf’s territory. In Legend of the White Wolf, he’s dealing with another dangerous pack issue. And now in Seduction of the Wolf, I’m not sure who’s doing the most seducing, Leidolf or Cassie. 🙂  But my critique partners all love Leidolf, so I’m hoping everyone else does too.


    Who are you most looking foward to writing about?
    Since Plight of the Wolf is contracted next, it will be Carol, the psychic’s story. 🙂  She’s the first psychic werewolf in my stories.


    Do you find you get emotionally attached to your characters?
    Absolutely. I felt so bad when my heroine was seeing the resemblance between the way she was with her twin sister and a pair of twin teen girls, that I felt emotional about it.  I think sometimes we touch on something deeply buried in our own psyche which when we write about it makes the experience that much more real.


    Would you like to see one of your books/series as a TV show or movie?

    LOL, absolutely! And werewolf dolls…t-shirts, posters, you name it! 🙂


    Does feedback from your readers influence your writing?

    Yes, it really does. I ask for feedback and am thrilled when I hear that fans are wanting to read about certain characters in the earlier stories. I had one who asked if Tom or Jake will have dream matings because their older brother did. I’m thinking on that one. Jake was so adamant that he wouldn’t, he’s a good case for having it. 🙂 Writing means torturing our heroes and heroines. 🙂  But I do love feedback like that. It helps to make a case for another story!


    Who are some of your biggest influences? Both personal and professional.
    I write because I can’t not write. I’ve never read stories with the notion, I want to write like him or her. I just thoroughly enjoy creating stories from the bottom of my heart. If I had to say anyone influenced me, it was my family—my father because he knew I’d be published, but died before he saw the first thing I had published. Which was a story about him in the Ex-Prisoner-of-War Bulletin. My mother, because she loved the paranormal as much as I did. My kids because they tell the whole wide world about their mother the author. 🙂  Despite the fact I write hot and sexy and about werewolves. 🙂


    Who designs the covers of your books and do you get any input in the design?
    Cover artists design the cover and we do get to tell the cover artists what we think might help sell our works.

    I love my covers!!! And Seduction of the Wolf’s cover should be coming soon and I can’t wait to see it!


    What’s the most suprising thing you’ve learned about being a published author?
    The first time I was published, for two young adult books, before the books actually were printed, although the one is still shown on Amazon, the young adult line was closed. So even if you’re published, until that book is in your hot little hand, you can quickly become…unpublished. 🙁 


    When did you first start writing and how long before you were published?
    Ten years. But I was writing off and on, busy raising kids and whatnot. So really five years when I really began writing as a career.


    Do you have any advice for aspiring writers or those wanting to get published?
    ? Never give up. Persevere!


    Do you have a specific work style? Do you work on a schedule or as the moment spurs you?

    I work full time at the library and I teach online writing classes, so I write every spare moment I have. 🙂

    On weekends, I try to catch up on my word count. But my goal is 1000 words a day.

    Do you have any interesting writing quirks?
    Not really. I used to play a piece of music when I was writing a particular manuscript and it helped to get me in the mood. But I don’t have time and I hop around so many places to get my word count in, on my lunch hour at work, in the morning in a rush before I got to work, at night, that I’ve given up on it. 🙂


    Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?

    Thanks for reading my stories and thanks for telling me how much you enjoy them! Because of that, I’ve started a newsletter and I have been including a free serialized read to share with fans while they’re waiting for the next release to come out. Just sign up at the bottom of www.terryspear.com [1] and I can send you the sexy short story read entitled Goddess in Training. And thanks so much, Rhonda, for taking the time to interview me! It was fun!


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