Here’s a list of known upcoming vampire romance book releases for June 2009.

If we’ve missed any titles, feel free to post a comment informing of us of the book title, author and release date.

June 2nd


Laurell K Hamilton
Skin Trade


Anya Bast
Witch Fury


Cheyenne McCray
Demons Not Included


Alyssa Day
Atlantis Unleashed

June 24th


Jacqueline Carey
Naamah’s Kiss

June 30th


Christine Feehan
Hidden Currents

Jacquelyn Frank

Gena Showalter
Seduce the Darkness

Deidre Knight
Red Kiss
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  1. Paul says:

    Hi there…like the site, i’ve been having a look through for the last hour! I might have something that is of some use… on the blog I run, I have a google calendar with as many upcoming vampire releases as i can find…dvd, film, books and events. I know i havent got everything on there, but there might be a couple you havent got.

    I’ve added you to the links on the blog… if you like the calendar i can send you the embed code to put it on the site, and set the thing up so you can put entries on there as well if you wanted to.


  2. Paul says:

    would help if i actually left the address wouldnt it…duh


  3. wow gold says:

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