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Review: The Rogue Hunter

The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay Sands [1]What’s an 800-year-old vampire to do when his life mate isn’t the Jessica Rabbit-type he dreamed of and is more like Olive Oyl? That’s a question Lynsay Sands answers in The Rogue Hunter [1], the latest entry in her Argeneau Vampire series.

Meet Garrett Mortimer, rogue vampire hunter. He’s tall, smart and sexy, and old enough to have lost interest in food and sex. But he’s good at his job, which has led him and two other hunters to a remote area of Canada in search of a vamp who’s been dining on the locals.

It’s not exactly the sort of place you’d expect to find a vampire and the last place Mortimer thought he would find his life mate … but fate is funny like that.

Enter Samantha Willan, lawyer. Tall, smart and skinny, she’s nursing an inner ear infection that’s made her a bit klutzy, and a bit of a broken heart after her high-school sweetheart left her because she wasn’t woman enough for him.

Mortimer’s preconceptions make him wonder the same thing but exposure to the brilliant Sam has him reconsidering and worked up into a real bother before he knows it. 

Sands stokes some serious heat between Mortimer and Sam as they get to know one another, and serves up a helping of angst amongst the lighter moments of the story. The surrounding cast, as always, is a delight, including Sam’s two sisters (Alex and Jo) and Mortimer’s pals (Bricker and Decker). 

The Rogue Hunter [1] is a snappily written tale, engaging from start to finish and another fine addition to the Argeneau series.

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