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Review: The Chosen Sin

The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast [1]Anya Bast takes a new approach to vampire erotica in The Chosen Sin [1], the first book in her new series that has a dash of sci-fi.

In The Chosen Sin [1], Bast calls her vampires the Chosen, a minority that is frequently descriminated against. The Shining Way commune, however, provides a haven for vampires and succubare looking for a place to call home. But is there a darker side to this seemingly idyllic city? That’s a question a pair of investigators are determined to find the answer to.

Driven by a need for revenge, Daria, one half of the detecting duo, agrees to become Chosen in order to infiltrate the domed city. Her target is the founder of the city whom Daria is convinced must be involved in illegal activities and who also is the prime suspect in a kidnapping. 

Daria is partnered with Alejandro, a vampire agent for the Governing Body of Chosen (GBC). He is assigned to make Daria into a Chosen then together, posing as lovers, they find themselves accepted into the Shining Way.

Once inside the commune, however, it quickly becomes clear that Alejandro has another mission as well — a personal one to win Daria’s heart … and body.

Personally, I found the concept of a vampire commune intriguing and liked that their society was the most human-like I’ve ever read. Instead of being wealthy recluses they have to work and find their place in society just like everyone else — some even worked in a factory! I also liked that there were two levels one could achieve in the conversion process, becoming either vampire, the upper level and one not many humans could reach, or succubare, a creature that feeds off lust.

The Chosen Sin [1] features some hot and kinky sex, but I feel it would have benefited from a bit more action of the kickass variety. As for the sci-fi elements, they’re present but minimal — basically in the form of colonization of other planets.

Overall, I felt the The Chosen Sin [1] was well written and the story wrapped up nicely, getting the series is off to a strong start. I’m anxious to see where it goes next.

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