The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay SandsWhat’s an 800-year-old vampire to do when his life mate isn’t the Jessica Rabbit-type he dreamed of and is more like Olive Oyl? That’s a question Lynsay Sands answers in The Rogue Hunter, the latest entry in her Argeneau Vampire series.

Meet Garrett Mortimer, rogue vampire hunter. He’s tall, smart and sexy, and old enough to have lost interest in food and sex. But he’s good at his job, which has led him and two other hunters to a remote area of Canada in search of a vamp who’s been dining on the locals.

It’s not exactly the sort of place you’d expect to find a vampire and the last place Mortimer thought he would find his life mate … but fate is funny like that.

Enter Samantha Willan, lawyer. Tall, smart and skinny, she’s nursing an inner ear infection that’s made her a bit klutzy, and a bit of a broken heart after her high-school sweetheart left her because she wasn’t woman enough for him.

Mortimer’s preconceptions make him wonder the same thing but exposure to the brilliant Sam has him reconsidering and worked up into a real bother before he knows it. 

Sands stokes some serious heat between Mortimer and Sam as they get to know one another, and serves up a helping of angst amongst the lighter moments of the story. The surrounding cast, as always, is a delight, including Sam’s two sisters (Alex and Jo) and Mortimer’s pals (Bricker and Decker). 

The Rogue Hunter is a snappily written tale, engaging from start to finish and another fine addition to the Argeneau series.

Have you read The Rogue Hunter? If so, please feel free to leave a comment letting others know what you think.

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Midnight's Daughter by Karen ChanceKaren Chance has done it again with Midnight’s Daughter, creating characters and a world larger than life! And if you loved her Cassie Palmer series, you’ll be happy to know that Midnight’s Daughter is set in the same universe.

Our heroine is Dorina Basarab — or Dory — the dhampir daughter of Mircea, first-level master vampire and member of the senate council. (Yes, that’s our beloved Mircea from the Cassie Palmer urban fantasy series). Besides being feared amongst the vampire community for hunting and killing those who step out of line, Dory is also renowned for her berserker rages, the unavoidable side-effect of having human genes mixed with vampire ones. This is one dhampir you don’t want to make angry.

The story begins with Dory frantic about the disappearance of her best friend Claire. Claire is a “null” or someone who has the ability to block magical energy. It’s a skill that makes Claire a very rare and sought after commodity in the magical community. Unfortunately the only way to extract this power is to kill the “null” in the process, which is why Dory is so worried as Claire helps Dory control her rage.

Dory’s search for Claire leads her to cross paths with her estranged father Mircea, who makes her an offer she can’t refuse, promising to help find Claire in exchange for Dory’s assistance in eliminating Dracula.

The hitch? Dracula is Mircea’s brother and Dory’s uncle — oh and he strikes terror in the heart of Dory. 

To top it off, she has to reenter a world she has fought so hard to stay on the fringes of. But that’s a small price to pay for saving her friend, even if she must work with Louis-Cesare, master vampire and dueling champion of the Senate Council.

Midnight’s Daughter is a brilliant start to a new series and contains all the elements needed for a great urban fantasy. It is fast-paced and action-filled, and sees our  heroes cross paths with dark fey, mages and master vamps, all of whom are either out to kill her or want something from her. Then there’s Caedmon, a mysterious member of the Light Fey, who shows up looking for Claire and who promises to help Dory any way he can. 

Chance’s Dory is strong and resourceful heroine who knows how to handle herself when the going gets impossible. She gives her male counterparts as good as she gets and refuses to die. Yet beneath that tough exterior lies a vulnerable woman who has had more than her share of pain and loss over the centuries. The chemistry between she and Louis-Cesare is undeniable but whether or not they kill each other before they act on it … well you’ll just have to read it to find out. 

Have you read Midnight’s Daughter? If so, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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The Chosen Sin by Anya BastAnya Bast takes a new approach to vampire erotica in The Chosen Sin, the first book in her new series that has a dash of sci-fi.

In The Chosen Sin, Bast calls her vampires the Chosen, a minority that is frequently descriminated against. The Shining Way commune, however, provides a haven for vampires and succubare looking for a place to call home. But is there a darker side to this seemingly idyllic city? That’s a question a pair of investigators are determined to find the answer to.

Driven by a need for revenge, Daria, one half of the detecting duo, agrees to become Chosen in order to infiltrate the domed city. Her target is the founder of the city whom Daria is convinced must be involved in illegal activities and who also is the prime suspect in a kidnapping. 

Daria is partnered with Alejandro, a vampire agent for the Governing Body of Chosen (GBC). He is assigned to make Daria into a Chosen then together, posing as lovers, they find themselves accepted into the Shining Way.

Once inside the commune, however, it quickly becomes clear that Alejandro has another mission as well — a personal one to win Daria’s heart … and body.

Personally, I found the concept of a vampire commune intriguing and liked that their society was the most human-like I’ve ever read. Instead of being wealthy recluses they have to work and find their place in society just like everyone else — some even worked in a factory! I also liked that there were two levels one could achieve in the conversion process, becoming either vampire, the upper level and one not many humans could reach, or succubare, a creature that feeds off lust.

The Chosen Sin features some hot and kinky sex, but I feel it would have benefited from a bit more action of the kickass variety. As for the sci-fi elements, they’re present but minimal — basically in the form of colonization of other planets.

Overall, I felt the The Chosen Sin was well written and the story wrapped up nicely, getting the series is off to a strong start. I’m anxious to see where it goes next.

Have you read this The Chosen Sin? If so, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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