Ladies and gents, our featured author for the month September is Jacquelyn Frank, author of the Nightwalkers series.

Ms. Frank has kindly answered a series of questions for us here at and we’re pleased to share her answers with you.

Now without further ado, an interview with the gracious Jacquelyn Frank.


I am definitely a fan of Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalker series, an imaginative and believable world filled with elemental shadow demons and other Nightwalker races who invisibly co-exist with human beings.

There are four books currently in the series — JacobGideonElijahDamien — with a fifth, Noah, due out this month (Sept. 2, 2008).


Jacob by Jacquelyn FrankIn Jacob the Enforcer, Isabella learns that stargazing is not hazardous to your health, but carelessness can be when she loses her balance, slips over the 5-story window’s edge and then — well, what a way to meet a demon!

Anyone looking for a hot-catch, literally? Well, Jacob wasn’t. He lives in the shadows as a Demon Enforcer, appointed by their king, Noah, to enforce the laws of their species. With fervent loyalty to his King and selfless devotion to duty, Jacob protects unsuspecting humans from wayward demons that succumb to their lustful, maddening desire to mate with humans during the peak of the full moon season.

Along comes Isabella, however, shaking things up for Jacob, who doesn’t regret catching her but now must contend with his attraction to the alluring female, which threatens his ability to uphold the laws of his people and honor to his King.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jacob must contend with the return of an old threat — Necromancers who long-ago engaged in the torturing and manipulation of demons and have designs on reviving old practices, threatening the demons’ and nightwalkers’ tranquil existence in the safety of shadows.


Gideon by Jacquelyn FrankLongevity is power and Gideon oozes! Known as the Ancient, Gideon’s status is highly venerated by all Nightwalker races as he is one of the oldest — having lived more than a millennium! 

Gideon’s story commences in the aftermath of the return of the Necromancers, who have stepped up their game of black magic spells and summoning. With an unfortunate turn of events, the Demon King sets a new precedent by sending Gideon to warn the Prince of the Vampire clans and the Queen of the Lycanthrope of the Necromancers’ new power.

As he carries out the Demon King’s wishes, Gideon is forced to reacquaint himself with demon life after many years of self-imposed isolation following a humiliating incident with Magdelegna, a Demon of the Mind. Legna is all grown up now and has not forgiven or forgotten what transpired between her and Gideon.

A Demon scorned? Hardly. Yet, one wonders whether this female Demon of the Mind is playing brain-twister with the arrogantly powerful Gideon for all the wrong reasons. And will either one be willing to expose their heart for a real chance at love?


Elijah by Jacquelyn FrankThe story of Elijah, captain of the elite Demon army, begins with his unfortunate capture by hunters and traitors who once served with him on the Demon King’s Council. 

Gravely injured and near death, Elijah is rescued by a Lycanthrope he never truly wanted to befriend, but offers his gratitude for his rescuer’s bravery. He had not planned to offer much more than that, but as they say, stuff happens as his rescuer, Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes, proves a match in both will and desire.

Elijah soon finds himself in a battle to win her heart, even as she hopes to strengthen the fragile relationship between Lycanthropes and Demons, reconciling their warring past to battle their common enemy. And Siena’s goodwill prematurely sets ablaze political and emotional entanglements, but, ultimately, the proud queen makes things crystal clear … some flames should be allowed to burn.


Damien by Jacquelyn FrankDamien opens with the Vampire Prince anticipating a quiet night at the newly discovered Nightwalker Library.  Unfortunately, a demented Demon and other malefic forces shatter the evening’s tranquility as the Lycanthrope princess, Syreena, is abducted, solidifying the Necromancers’ power and drawing Damien into the fray.  

Damien is curious about Syreena, finding her temperament uniquely inviting, and begins to wonder at his emerging feelings for a Lycanthrope. Likewise, Syreena finds herself trudging unfamiliar emotional landscapes. Always having felt something of an oddball, placing duty and expectations before her own, Syreena begins an analytical discovery of personal self-worth, and wonders if perhaps she’s simply infatuated with the vampire?

Damien, of course, sure would like to know because destiny is no joke to these two powerful Nightwalker as they are on a journey that will teach them what sacrificing for love truly means.

Have you read the Nightwalker Series by Jacquelyn Frank? If so, post a comment and let others know what you thought!

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