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Review: Touch The Dark

Touch The Dark by Karen Chance [1]In Touch The Dark [1], Karen Chance crafts a complex and intriguing paranormal underworld populated by vampires, faeries, pixies, demons, were-creatures, witches and mages. For good measure, she stirs in some Greek mythology then gives us a headstrong and resourceful heroine with a destiny. Altogether, it makes for one heck of a read.

Touch The Dark [1] is written in first-person in the voice of Cassandra Palmer, a young woman with a clairvoyant gift, or curse depending on your perspective. She sees ghosts in all shapes and sizes and can converse with them, and she has a gift for Seeing things from the past and future. She’s also in hiding, trying to stay off the radar with the vampire world as her former master has a price on her head. Unfortunately, fate has other things in mind for Cassie and before she knows it, she’s embroiled in a battle between powerful factions and herself the prize.

Romance takes a backseat to the action and mystery in the book, but there are some serious sparks between Cassie and a very powerful master vampire, downright erotic in fact, and I am hopeful this will be explored more in future volumes in the Cassandra Palmer Series. Their relationship has incredible sexual chemistry and potential for much more, including love.

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