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Review: Scions: Resurrection

Scions: Resurrection by Patrice Michelle [1]Scions: Resurrection [1] (Jan. 1, 2008) by Patrice Michelle is an adrenaline rush of the first order with top-notch action sequences propelling the story from start to finish. Romance is involved, too, of course, as our hero and heroine ride a collision course toward destiny, with both personal and larger implications, in this first part of the Scions series from Silhouette Nocturne.

The story picks up with Jachin Black, a vampire who has been banished from his vampire clan and is just trying to survive in a world where human blood is poison to his kind. To make a living, and buy purified blood, Jachin serves as a hitman, taking out humans with decidedly questionable morals and ethics. His rage against humankind is personal, however, allowing him to do his “job” without much remorse.

Jachin believes in a prophecy, one that predicts peace and prosperity for his hunted — and believed extinct — race. He has been waiting, watching, biding his time, hoping to help with the time comes. His patience pays off when he learns that an author, Ariel Swanson, has penned a book detailing that EXACT prophecy. How could a human know such things!?

Seizing the chance to help his people, Jachin kidnaps the feisty Ariel and sets out to take her to the leader of his clan, hoping to bring the prophecy to fruition. Things, however, aren’t that simple. Other factions with their own agendas are after her, too, while his own people want him dead, making his simple mission a fight for survival, danger awaiting them at every turn even as their growing fondness and attraction to each other threatens to sweep them away with passion.

I do believe Scions: Resurrection [1] takes place at some point in the future — I’m not sure exactly how far, but some of the weapons of choice are decidedly different from contemporary arms — and I’ll admit that this appealed to the sci-fi fan in me … a lot. More appealing, though, is Michelle’s vampire mythology, which I found to be unique and intriguing but won’t detail here because I think you’ll appreciate it more when you read it for yourself.

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