Taken by the Night by Kathryn SmithDear readers, it’s time to get Taken … Taken by the Night, that is.

The delicious Saint is a centuries old vampire with a soft spot for the ladies. He loves women, loves falling in love, but after the death of his beloved Marta years back, he has sworn never to let himself fall again. Still he just can’t seem to help himself when he sees the lovely, outspoken Ivy, daughter of the madam at a prominent London whorehouse, a woman who inflames his body as well as his undead soul.

As for Ivy, she doesn’t believe in love. The hurt her mother endured in the past from her father, who supposed loved her, and growing up in a place where false declarations of affection are often shouted at moments of pleasure, has left Ivy rather jaded on the subject. But when the object of her childhood crush, Saint, shows up some rethinking may be in order as the vampire ignites her passions and her heart.

As the pair simultaneously fight and nurture their attraction, they work together to solve a terrifying mystery surrounding the grisly murders of two of the girls from the whorehouse and a famed actress. Their slayings are reminiscent of those attributed to none other than Jack the Ripper, who terrorized the city not a decade earlier. As everyone is wondering if he’s back, Saint must protect the ladies of the night, whom he and his fellow vampires have patroned for decades, and find the killer before he strikes again … and closer to home.

Taken by the Night, Kathryn Smith’s latest entry in the Brotherhood of Blood series, is a wonderfully erotic tale with a solid mystery to boot. For folks like myself, who are familiar with the Ripper murder history and the many theories that abound about his identity, you’ll like the twist Ms. Smith puts on the horrific, unsolved slayings. For the romantics out there, Ivy and Saint’s story is a pleaser of the first order, much passion, much love, much respect, a hardy heroine who’s soft in every way that counts, and a strong, brave hero with a tender heart. What more could you ask for?

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  1. kristin says:

    I’ve read all of the books in The Brotherhood of Blood series and have enjoyed them tremendously! I really like the historical aspect of the stories and the characters are wonderful. I was expecting a big finish at the end of Taken By The Night which I didn’t really feel, but I think as the series comes to and end there will be a culmination of that. The “Brothers” make for some super hot and desirable vamps…what more can you ask for! These books are a must read!!!

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