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Review: Something Wicked

Something Wicked by Catherine Mulvany [1]If you’re looking for a great vampire romance standalone read, look no further than Something Wicked [1] by Catherine Mulvany.

This splendidly written tale of a blood feud, with roots in the Civil War era, between two vampires, one a handsome billionaire funding and running an archaeological dig in the California desert (Charles Cunningham Nash) and the other a vicious leader of a gang of fanged bikers (Harper Wakefield), has plot aplenty to sink your teeth into. What can I say, romance amidst a climate of unpredictable danger always makes for great reading, at least for me.

Our heroine, Regan Cluny, is an investigative reporter with a sterling reputation for getting to the truth, accurately. For her current story, she has her sights set on the secretive Charles Nash and his archaeology project, her interest piqued after an outlandish report by a tabloid-type journalist who wildly claims Nash is looking for evidence of an alien civilization. It’s crap of course, or at least that’s what her nose for news is telling her, so she promptly heads for the desert, its unforgiving heat and headlong into peril, a paleolithic mystery and, ultimately, the arms of Charles Nash — a dangerous place to be in more ways than one, but also a decidedly arousing one. And things get really complicated when Harper decides to make Regan the instrument of Nash’s destruction.

Something Wicked is a well-paced thrill ride punctuated with moments of tender and passionate eroticism. It’s hard to beat curling up with that on a cold and rainy weekend.

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