Embrace the Darkness by Alexandra IvyDemons, vampires and trolls … oh my!

Oh yes, there’s a little of everything and then some in Alexandra Ivy’s Embrace the Darkness, an enthralling paranormal tale fraught with peril and passion.

The second part of the Guardians of Eternity series, Embrace the Darkness takes readers on a rip-roaring ride with danger around every corner and a compelling leading couple — Viper and Shay, both of whom we met in When Darkness Comes.

Viper is an ancient vampire, a clan chief, cunning and powerful — and obsessed with the half-human, half-Shalott Shay. Since she saved his life, he hasn’t been able to quit thinking about her. Shay hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him either and is shocked when he shows up to “purchase” her at a slave auction. After a lifetime of being hunted and enslaved, she is naturally suspicious of Viper’s intentions but is unable to help her reaction to the elegant, sinfully beautiful and seductive bloodsucker, who is determined not to be her master, but her lover.

All manner of villains, however, have other plans for the last of the Shalotts. Her blood has healing powers and is a powerful aphrodisiac for vampires. Many want her for themselves, including a mysterious and powerful evil that is willing to unleash hellhounds, monstrous mountain trolls and more to acquire her, but Viper is determined to protect her at all costs, even from his own kind.

Amidst battles and flights to safety, Viper works to earn Shay’s trust and ultimately her heart as Shay works to overcome her prejudices and a lifetime of betrayal and cruelty in order to acknowledge and embrace her own burgeoning affections for Viper.

Embrace the Darkness is written with a wry wit and attention to detail.

Ms. Ivy’s Shay is sassy and given to sarcasm, but also is a supremely loyal friend. Her life has not been an easy one and she bears the scars. Her Viper carries his own past pain, but where Shay is given to rash actions, he is calm, cool and collected. He is an honorable man who is passionate about those he cares for and who are under his care, and he possesses a wicked sense of humor. Shay’s gargoyle friend, the snooty and defensive Levet, provides some great comic moments with his incessant babbling — he’s French of course! The villains are suitably nasty, living up to their demon status to the point of making your skin crawl from time to time.

I must say Ms. Ivy writes evil convincingly, and she’s definitely no slacker when it comes to penning a satisfying romance.

Have you read Embrace the Darkness? If so, please feel free to leave a comment and share your opinions and thoughts.

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