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Review: Kiss Me Deadly

In Michelle Hauf’s paranormal romance world vampires and witches are deadly enemies. So deadly that one drop of a witch’s blood can destroy a vampire in a matter of minutes, the death akin to being eaten alive by acid. Hence the title of Ms. Hauf’s latest book, Kiss Me Deadly [1], the story of a vampire and witch who go from being hated enemies to lovers. How is that possible, you ask. Read on…

Kiss Me Deadly by Michelle Hauf [1]Our drop-dead-gorgeous leading man, Nikolaus Drake in Kiss Me Deadly, Book Two in the Bewitching the Dark series, is relatively young for a vampire but he has just miraculously survived an attack by an out-for-revenge witch. Now he wants a little revenge for himself, against the centuries old Ravin Crosse, who has slain more vampires with her witch blood than even she can count.

Nikolaus’ plans go awry, however, thanks to a love spell that Ravin has cooked up for the devil himself. Doused accidentally with the liquid (remember that song Love Potion No. 9?), it is absorbed into Ravin’s bloodstream and when Nikolaus takes a bite out of his enemy… well, let’s just say love is in the air.

One might think from that description that this book falls on the lighter, humorous side, and while it does have funny moments — Ms. Hauf actually managed to make the devil rather laughable, if you ask me — this book doesn’t play for laughs. It is a solid adult tale of passion unleashed; of love found, lost and found again; of natural enemies opening up to one another and discovering there’s more to each other than they thought; and a lesson that love can heal any wound or bridge any divide, if we but let it.

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