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Review: Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes: Blood Ties Book Three by Jennifer Armintrout [1]The human condition is a terminal one. That’s something Jennifer Armintrout understands quite well and manages to showcase once again in her Blood Ties series.

The latest and third installment, Ashes to Ashes [1], takes us to both familiar and new territory, and builds the stakes yet again as Nathan, Carrie, Cyrus, Max and Bella face off against not only the Soul Eater, but also the deadly vampiress known as The Oracle.

There is plenty of angst and anguish to go around in Ashes to Ashes as Carrie and Nathan rediscover each other only to have a Cyrus’ reemergence drive a wedge between them again, and Max and Bella must put aside the remainder of their vampire-werewolf prejudices in order to finally admit they love one another.

The battle between good and evil is an age-old device in storytelling and Ms. Armintrout uses it quite well while continuing to blur the line within each character’s, well, character. Even the best of us have a little bit of bad in us and sometimes we let that out to play, whether by taking a full-out walk on the dark side or by just letting it color our judgment when we know it shouldn’t. Either way, it makes for some interesting drama, suspense, even passion.

Hearts will be broken. Hearts will be healed. And a new life is on the way as Carrie and Nathan and the gang prepare for a showdown with two very nasty baddies and their plans to descend the world into utter chaos where vampires rule with fang and fury.

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