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We have a pair of winners for the two autographed copies of Alexandra Ivy's When Darkness Comes, the first volume of the Guardian of Eternity series.

The lucky readers are Lilmsrose and Tamelin! Congratulations, ladies, and thanks so much to everyone for participating!

Stay tuned, vampire romance lovers. We'll be announcing a new contest very soon!

P.S. Oh, and just to let you know, KimW was the lucky reader in the Demon Moon (Meljean Brook) giveaway back in June. I forgot to make the post announcing that. My bad. is pleased to announce that our featured author for the month of July is the talented Ms. Jennifer Armintrout, author of the riveting Blood Ties series.

Ms. Armintrout has answered a series of questions for us and we're sharing her answers with you, including a scoop on the Blood Ties series (see the first question)! Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sharing your time and thoughts with us.  

Now, ladies (and any gents hereabouts), on to the Interview with Jennifer Armintrout.

P.S. The third book in the Blood Ties series, Ashes to Ashes, is due out in August!

Erotica is most often described as a tastefully written story with strong sexual content. It differs from pornography in that there is an actual story involved and a motive beyond just exciting the reader, and generally differs from average romance books in the amount (and sometimes graphic description) of copulation that occupies the text. That definition fits The Vampire Queen’s Servant by Joey Hill to a tee — and then some.

The Vampire Queen's Servant by Joey HillIt takes a special author, I imagine, to write a story with such incredible eroticism without descending into pornography, particularly when BDSM elements are involved. But Ms. Hill does an admirable job of it, telling in fact a love story amidst all the hot-and-heavy action. It is a serious and adult tale that successfully tugs the heartstrings — and there’s more to come in 2008 with Mark of The Vampire Queen.

The Vampire Queen’s Servant tells the story of Lady Elyssa Yamato Wentworth, a thousand-year-old vampire, and Jacob Green, the man who desires to be her new servant, a job that entails sexual pain and pleasure at her hands as well as domestic chores. It is not a job many men, much less an alpha male, would apply for but Jacob desires it, for reasons he cannot wholly explain, even though it is not in his nature to submit to anyone. Their relationship is a dance, both of them desiring to dominate and yet both desiring to submit to one another as well. She is a predator, borne of a violent culture, but still a woman with a woman’s heart and womanly needs. He is red-blooded male with a hint of Irish brogue and an innate need to serve his lady, but not without question. They try one another repeatedly but his unswerving devotion confuses and delights her in the same breath, and he lives for the opportunity to please her.

The sexual and emotional tension between them is palpable and incredibly intense, and this book is so hot it should carry a cold-shower warning label. Despite that, however, there is love at its core and, yes, even romance, as elegant and remarkably innocent as an ideal first love.

Have you read The Vampire Queen’s Servant? If so, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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