Vampire of Venice Beach by Jennifer ColtThe Vampire of Venice Beach is a fun little mystery, full of quirky characters, slaps happy comedy, and a touch of social commentary. Third in Jennifer Colt’s zany mystery series, this book finds the McAfee Twins, Kerry and Terry, submerged into the dark underground of the vampire subculture of Southern California and chasing a blood-sucking killer. It’s not long before their super-snooping around the crime scene finds the redheaded sisters next on the hit list. And what would any story be with out a little romance? Delicious Detective John Boatwright adds a little innuendo and a whole lot of hunk to this nutty little novel.

Cheers to Jennifer Colt. The Vampire of Venice Beach is a smack-happy, action packed little read. The brightly painted characters pop on the page. Vampire lovers will not be disappointed by this book’s entertaining style and imagery.

The Vampire of Venice Beach should be a staple in every vampire romance lover’s beach bag. Happy reading! Don’t forget your sunblock!

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