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Review: Demon Moon

Demon Moon [1] (June 2007) was my first foray into The Guardian Series by Meljean Brook (and others), and it was a darned good one.

Demon Moon by Meljean Brook [1]Let me start by saying that I’m not much into demons as romantic, or even heroic, characters, which is most likely due to my upbringing. I realize that some consider vampires demonic in origin, but on the whole, I’d say they’re just great fictional characters around whom great and varied mythologies can be crafted — as evidenced in the current boom of the vampire genre.

That said, let me say this: I really enjoyed Demon Moon [1]. Perhaps that’s because the focal character in this installment was a vampire — and a damned good looking one, too! — while the demons were on the periphery or villainous side of the action. I can certainly say I enjoyed it because it was a well-written, unique story.

At the center of said story is the unnaturally gorgeous vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont. He is as vain as the day is long, and he has reason to be — he’s a veritable Adonis with the famed erotic sensuality of his race! He’s also a tormented soul, his mirror reflection having been replaced with a view into the exceedingly creepy realm of Chaos. The delicious Colin is bitter and, at times, unkind. He has, however, an Achilles heel … the lovely, exotic and insatiably curious Savitri Murray, an in-the-know human woman who wants the vampire despite the fact he’s often a complete ass. They are fantastically drawn characters — I could picture them in my mind so easily — and their passion for each other is palpable in each scene they share. It stews beneath the surface and when it finally reaches boiling point … OH WOW!

Colin and Savi’s angst-ridden dance around each other takes place as supernatural happenings unfold around them, with renegade demons, Nosferatu, vampires, guardians and other creatures in a high-stakes battle of power. Tension is high throughout the book, which makes you root all the more for the lovely pair to find their way to each other. Ms. Brooks does not disappoint.

As I began reading Demon Moon [1], it became clear it was part of a series, but that I hadn’t read the earlier books didn’t hobble the reading experience. I was able to quickly orient myself to the goings on and extrapolate enough of what had happened in those earlier books to make it a quite enjoyable read.

Have you read Demon Moon [1]? If so, please feel free to post a comment and let us and others know what you think.

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