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Review: Dangerous Games

Another mystery is afoot Down Under and Riley Jenson is on the case in Dangerous Games [1], the fourth entry in the Riley Jenson Guardian series.

Dangerous Games by Keri Arthur [1]In this installment, Riley is drawn ever deeper into the Guardian world as she takes on an ancient evil and its demon minions even as she moves steadily toward the long-promised showdown with the rogue Guardian Gautier. The half-vampire, half-werewolf Riley remains reluctant about many of the things her job requires of her, but she is duty bound, and as saucy as ever.

The usual suspects return in the supporting cast: Rhoan, her twin and fellow Guardian; Jack, her vampire boss; Kellen, the brown wolf who would like nothing more than to make Riley his mate; and the enigmatic and ancient vampire Quinn O’Connor, who wants Riley for his own but manages to push all her wrong buttons and whom Riley wants despite the fact he drives her crazy.

Dangerous Games [1] is a solid read and very difficult to put down. By now, the familiar cast of characters have become like old friends to the reader, and you can’t help but cheer Riley on in her quest to get the bad guys and to find her soulmate — will it be Kellen or Quinn or an as-yet-unseen fella?

As in the previous books in this series, Dangerous Games [1] is not for the timid or squeamish. It explores some of the darker aspects of sexuality, and with demons involved you can imagine how dark that could get. Thankfully, Ms. Arthur knows when to pull her punches, and she manages to get her point across without going overboard. Still, it might leave some unsettled, so be warned.

I get the sense, reading this series, that Ms. Arthur is definitely taking Riley somewhere. It’s very much a personal journey. With each book, Riley learns new things about herself, some pleasant, some she finds uncomfortable and hard to reconcile, some cut against the grain of who she thought she was. She is a strong, compelling character, who is equal parts cynic and romantic dreamer. She has been put through the paces repeatedly, enduring circumstances that would have obliterated a weak, one-dimensional character. She is truly spirited and resilient, which is a very good thing considering there are some seriously creepy villains in this series who do some seriously nasty things. That said, I am more than a little eager to see where Ms. Arthur takes Riley’s story next. And I, for one, am pulling for Quinn to win her heart in the end. What can I say? I love the guy, even if he can be something of an ass.

Have you read Dangerous Games [1]? If so, please feel free to let us know what you think!

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