Lover Revealed by J.R. WardJ.R. Ward is soooooo damned good. Me? I’m bad. Very bad.

Despite the voice of reason in the back of my head saying “You have to work tomorrow,” I went by the store on the way home yesterday on the off chance Ms. Ward’s latest Black Dagger Brotherhood title, Lover Revealed, was out on the shelves a few days early. It was. I bought it. And as a result, I didn’t get to bed until way after my bedtime. I mean WAY after my bedtime.

In all seriousness, there’s not a vampire romance book series I could recommend more than Ms. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. It is so powerful and each successive volume is better than the previous.

In Lover Revealed, Ms. Ward tells Butch O’Neal’s story. As with all the Brothers and their entourage, there’s more to Butch than his gruff and tough exterior. The former cop, who in Dark Lover ends up befriending the Brotherhood in their battle against the Omega and the Lessers (those are the bad guys), is put through the paces physically, emotionally, mentally … and romantically as he finally hooks up with the lovely vampire aristocrat Marissa.

Ward’s descriptions are so vivid. She has a glorious way with words, frequently turning what could be a mundane observation into a real zinger. She had several lines that made me laugh out loud. As always, the action is crisp, and the sex spicy, loving and incredibly erotic … damned erotic … I-need-a-cold-shower erotic.

Plot twists and turns abound in Lover Revealed as Ms. Ward continues setting the stage for an epic showdown and readying her warriors for what is coming. One by one, she is bringing personal happiness to each of the Brothers, making them whole and equipping them with the unbreakable inner strength they will need in the final battle between good and evil. These fanged warriors will give their all when the time comes and nothing will stop them. They will fight for honor and to protect their race, but I think in the end it will be love that wins the day. Which is exactly how it should be.

If you’ve not read Ms. Ward’s books (Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed), I urge you to give them a try. They are some of the most compelling contemporary books I’ve ever read. In any genre. Period.

Have you read Lover Revealed? If so, please feel free to post a comment and let us know what you think.

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7 Responses to “Review: Lover Revealed”
  1. maria says:

    i found LR to be her most complex work to date…i thought the characters were more mult-faceted and the plot definitely had enough twists and turns to keep the ride ecxciting. Marissa was by far the most realisitc hereoine i’ve see in the series, and i liked the fact that Butch had issues that were not just overcome by a few hugs and some great sex. he was much more real to me,just like Marissa. Bravo, Ms. Ward!! and now, i am completely salivating waiting for V’s book to come out….

  2. Webmistress says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Maria, and it amazes me how she manages to up the ante with each book. Like you, I’m anxiously awaiting V’s story!

  3. vonna says:

    I have read all of ms. ward’s books of the BDB so far and I feel LR is more over the top than the other 3. The twists and turns in this book can get very dark in some places. But, over all I love her books and the interaction with the brothers are great. I am waiting on pins and needles for her next one, as I am a BDB addict now.

  4. Karree says:

    LR is by far the more complex of Ms Ward’s books. I have added all of them to my library they are keepers to be read again as i wait for V’s book. The fact that Ms Ward went deep into Butch’s life was awesome. She made the book complex enough that I didn’t put it down until i was finished the same night I found the book at the store. Needless to say I was awake till 2am until the book was done. Now my one wish is that the books come faster. Way to go Ms Ward!

  5. Danielle says:

    J.R. Ward has outdone herself again. I absolutely love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! I was a little skeptical of Butch as the hero since he wasn’t a Brother, but his irreverant attitude and determined induction into the Brotherhood won me over. The relationships between he and Marissa and between he and Vishous were very engaging and endearing. I was pleased to find the small excerpt from Lover Unbound and cannot wait to see what lies in store for Vishous.

  6. Diana says:

    I was so excited for Lover Revealed to be released that when I saw it in the bookstore I did a little/rather flashy & extended happy-dance! This novel was, as usual, simply marvelous. The plot was well broached and developed and I also love the way she included Butch’s history in the development of his character. This series is at the moment my favourite due to: spine-tingling erotic sex-scenes (prow), sexy-beast leading men, scintillating leading women, unique enemies, mind-riveting plots and the sarcasm and humour injected into each novel. These are the ingredients for an enticing ride and I am currently slathering in anticipation for V’s novel.

  7. Jessica says:

    J. R. Ward has done is again with Lover Revealed. It was awesome that she added Butch’s past in the story that formed his character in the book. He didn’t want the love of his life to get in any danger and he did what he could to keep her safe. But Marissa didn’t make it easy for him. Marissa matured greatly in the book. No longer the meek and timid female, now she’s kicking back and no longer scared of the princeps, nor the Brothers (who could easily wip the floor with her if they wanted to) Lover Awakened was another wicked sweet read, with the first two as well, Z was ruined and it took more then a few hugs and a little sex to get him back to normal… err, normal as he can be… He had issues he needed to settle and Bella helped him greatly. Ward has an impressive ability to keep readers, myself included, turning the pages right after another. It only took me about a day to read the book, and I wish I took longer because Vishous’s book doesn’t come out for a bit longer. Good ridence to Mr. X, that bastard was sick. I wonder how she’s gonna get the next book along, and maybe she’ll explain what happened to the poor guy in his past. And how Jane is gonna react to the Brotherhood, and how the Brothers will react to her. Wonder if Jane’s gonna stay a human like Mary, or get turned like Butch, or part vampire like Beth. There’s no telling and I can’t wait to find out.
    Damn, too bad they don’t exist in real life. Oh well, a gal can dream can’t she? Lol.

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