Valley of Silence Nora Roberts has a new fan. As I said in a previous review, The Circle Trilogy is the first of Nora Roberts’ works I’ve read and I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Her writing style is crisp and flowing and she has a remarkable eye for detail and description. And she obviously is no slacker when it comes to research. I’ll wager she did a great deal of that for the Circle Trilogy and it certainly pays off. The Valley of Silence is a powerful conclusion of an outstanding series of books. It is jam packed with love, romance, magic and action as the ever strengthening circle of six prepares the inhabitants of an idyllic land for battle against the evil vampire queen, Lilith, on a patch of ground that seems to almost seethe with evil itself. Amidst the preparations, the final two unattached members, the young queen and ages-old vampire, of the circle forge an unlikely bond of love. Suffice it to say, if you’ve read the first two, the third is a definite must-read. If you’ve not ready any of them, then I can only say you really should. This is a strong, well-written work by one of the country’s top authors. In short, The Circle Trilogy is pure, magical storytelling.

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